Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Sad day to be an Aussie

Well, I heard the news as I was driving to work this morning. Another young actor bites the dust. Now, while this doesn't affect me personally, I can feel a certain empathy for his family.

Especially his two-year-old daughter. She will never know her daddy. Sure, she will have a record of all his movies, clippings of his short but illustrious career, but she will never know who he was as a person. That is what makes me sad.

They say there were pills involved. Why is it always sordid when people die in the limelight? Why is there always speculation about drug abuse, suicide, and the like. It is highly probable he was taking sleeping pills and medication for pneumonia, which proved a lethal concoction. Whatever the reason, it is a tragic mistake.

And lets face it, the media will report what they like. Such as the interesting report I read that he died in the apartment of a certain skinny ex-child actress who was overseas at the time...where did that one come from?

Unless someone writes a book of his life, we are actually unlikely to know the whole truth, so lets be satisfied with the fact Australia and indeed the world has lost a bright and shining star at the peak of his career, and a little girl has lost her daddy. There really isn't any more to say...


Miss LJ said...

Yep, I agree... it is a sad day to lose such a talented actor. And you are so right about the media... they will publish what ever they want.... I've had a bit of a read on ninemsn... and the story keeps getting more and more added to it each time I go there.

RE:Your previous post - I think you will be fine with your wedding dress. Of course I haven't seen it, but you don't always had to go for the most expensive thing for it to look nice and be the way you want it. I expect you will look gorgeous on the day!

Looking forwrd to seeing some photos from the wedding. When do you head off... it must be soon?

And my house - its in Ingle Farm. Great price for the area, and give us 5 or so years and I'm sure we will be able to sell it for more than we bought it.

Have a good one!!


Froggy said...

Ingle Farm. Nice. We are at South Plympton. Close to everything.

Yes, I will definately be giving a sneak preview of a wedding shot. We may take the lap top with us, so I can keep you guys updated through our holiday, and that would have to include photos, now, wouldn't it?

We head out on Feb 15. Can't wait!

Thanks for your support - it makes me feel great to know you are out there.