Monday, 21 January 2008

Hello out there!

So, I am having a little bludge day today. The boss has gone to Sydney for the week. That means I can slow down a notch. Hopefully.

Well, the holiday plans are all but finished. Bought travel insurance this morning, have a final fitting for the dress on Wednesday, now just have to save some more money...Always a catch.

It was weird on Saturday, trying on the dress. I don't know what did it but when I got home I had a little cry. I wonder if it was because it has taken me 13 years to get to this point - trying on wedding dresses. Or perhaps it was because the dress is just a shade short of perfect and I wanted it to be perfect. Maybe it was just because I as excited about the whole thing and have no one to share it with.

I am trying to keep it very low cost, and to do it with little fuss, and therfore haven't gone out on vast shopping trips, traipsing around shops and malls, I have tried to do what I can over the net and on the cheap. I wonder if I have done it properly? I guess when I put it all together all will be revealed.

All that is left is Him's shirt. He has sort of decided to forego the suit. Only thing then is to decide - black shirt, black pants, red tie? Cream shirt, black pants red tie? Red shirt, black pants, black tie? Probabaly the first option actually...


SOL's view said...

If he must wear black, how about a white tie with a red buttonhole? The Elder has a friend who got married in black and red. Hey, remember cousin Susan and her first hubby had everything black and red? That was great. XD

Never mind. You know I would do it with you if I could. Just to make your day mmwwwhahahahaha

Froggy said...

Yes, I do like that look. But it would have to be a cream tie, and as he is sans jacket, no buttonhole. Sorry.