Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Wild Weekend (not)...

Well, what an interesting weekend it was. We decided to take the van for a run, first time this year, down to the Lower Lakes, so booked ourselves into the Lake Albert Caravan Park. We had no idea what this was going to be like but heck, it's away!

I was lucky enough to get off work early on Friday, and Him and Jr Her stayed home, so when I got there they were all hooked up ready to do. All I had to do was collect the last of my stuff and jump in the car.

We made good time, leaving just on 4.00 pm, and had a smooth trip down. It had rained and we figured every time we take the van away it rains, so who cares. After a dinner stop in Tailem Bend we continued to Meningie. We arrived at 6.15pm. and had the van all set up, sitting outside at 7.15pm.

We were on a lovely big site, backed onto Lake Albert, and enjoyed watching the sun set and the pelicans drift in. The amenities block was right near us, and we had no neighbours. Funny thing about caravan parks and long weekends..all the campers arrive in droves with loud cars, loud music, kids.... on this occasion we also got surrounded by dogs! But for once, we didn't hear our neighbours at all.

On Saturday, Him's birthday, we slept in, crawled out of bed, took care of breakfast etc then did the present bit. Him seemed to really like his loot - shirt and cap from his Warbird Adventure Flight the week before, tin of his favourite biscuits, and Bunnings vouchers. Then for the rest of the day we just sat. Well, we did go for a walk around the park, along the beach, drove into Meningie, but all in all we just sat.

Him cooked chicken burgers and bacon for dinner which we put onto toasted buns with salad. Very tasty. And with all that sitting around we fell into bed quite early, after changing our clocks for daylight saving, that is.

Sunday we again slept late. Did the breakfast thing then just sat again. Until Jr Her nagged us to go to the Cheese Factory for a look. Turns out it is a small "museum" to use the word loosely, with a lovely restaurant and coffee lounge attached. We had lunch there and the chicken baguette I ordered filled both Jr Her and myself. Very nice food, the weather was perfect, and we just sat. Again. After lunch we went for a walk down the esplanade along the lakeside. There are some lovely houses there too, and some for sale.

Through the night Sunday we were woken up by horrible wind and rain. We grabbed the chairs and towels, toddled off to the loo (and got stuck in the rain on the way back) then back to bed. We packed up and came home Monday morning, and although it was windy, Him did a terrific job of getting us home in one piece. He even backed the van into the carport, around the stobie pole, down and s-shaped drive, past the floodlights, and onto two planks of wood stopping spot in the middle, all in one go. Man, he's good!

Then it was just unpacking the van, doing all the washing I usually do on weekends (clothes, sheets, towels) plus the clothes and towels from the van, and tidying up around the place. It was a lovely relaxing weekend, and I am looking forward to the next one!


SOL's view said...

That sounds like it was a really good, relaxing time away. I could do with several of those I'm thinking!

*laments the lack of long weekends in the last half of the year!*

Miss LJ said...

That sounded like a great weekend away. Sounds like you did a bit of relaxing, and the cheesey factory sounds good too!!

Pity bout the wind and rain, but at least most of your weekend was good, and gotta love a pretty sunset.

I love going away for short weekends - our trip to Blanchetown was rather relaxing on the long weekend, but like you scored a bit of wind and rain Monday AM... not good when trying to pull down a tent!!

Take care xxx

Anonymous said...

glad you had great long weekend. love wally