Friday, 24 October 2008

Too old to party...

So last night was the Triple M party, to cap off their "Date My Dad" promotion. Two kids wrote in to say their dad needed a date, so Triple M's breakfast trio Kym, Ali and Dzelde took up the cause.

They asked ladies to apply, then the Dad selected his favourite 4, with another to be chosen a few days later. Then they kitted the chosen ladies out with new wardrobes and sent them off on dates with Dad. It was apparently a lot of fun, and a huge success.

Listeners were asked to go online and vote for their favourite girl. I did, and was lucky to be one of the few selected to come along to the party where Dad was announcing his choice of lady to get to know better.

Well, Him and I toddled along last night, and while we were standing at the door waiting to get in, the Dad walked past, smiled and said hello to me. Him and I just looked at each other. Inside, we got given a wrist band (green for single, red for taken and orange for keeping options open..) and a drink card each with 4 drinks.

We went to the bar, then found an empty spot, in front of the stage. While standing there chatting and looking around, one of the breakfast team, Kym, walked past, gave me a big smile and said hello. Okay, Him and I looked at each other again... Maybe I have a familiar type face? I am Facebook friends with him, but so are 4999 other people...

A little while later Ali stopped to chat to us. She is lovely! She asked our opinion of the special guests that night, Pete Murry and Vanessa Amorossi. Him said he wanted to take Vanessa home. Ally joked "Me first!" Him suggested she could take her home and he would come too! She made light of that, and checked his wrist band (red). It was very funny.

Anyway, while standing around a little later, Dzelde walked past and gave me a huge grin and hello. Man, this is strange! So I introduced myself and said I was a Facebook friend of his. "No wonder you look familiar" he says. He stood and talked to us for a bit. Very funny, approachable man. Extremely talented as a disc jockey too.

Well, the night got under way with meeting the ladies, the family, then Vanessa came on. More girls, and Pete Murry sang. He is very funny live too. Then Dad announced his choice of lucky lady.

The only bad spot of the evening was when two drunk blondes decided to push Him aside, and dance right in front of us. This wouldn't have been an issue if one didn't have a handbag which was literally poking me in the arm, stomach, side. She didn't relent despite my none too subtle shoving her aside. Drinks were slopping everywhere too. Two lovely ladies in front of them wore drinks down their backs too. Not much, but enough for them to excuse themselves past me and join their friends behind me. The, two other drunken dollies pushed past the gent beside me (pushing him back into me, standing on my foot, for which he was mortified). At the same time Hand Bag lady gave my other foot a stomp for good measure.

But on a good note, the chick that pushed the fellow next to me tried to take a photo of her friend, and he "accidentally" gave her elbow a shove. Ha ha. I liked that one. I think she was too drunk to notice.

Well, after the show we left (apparently just before the Dad and his ladies decided to do the Funky Wombat) and leave before the crowd. I have to say, after 3 hours standing in one spot, I could barely walk to the car (way down the back of the parking lot!) We were given little gift bags on the way out, totally directed at men though, with Bourbon and coke sample, 15% voucher for a men's salon, movie pass to see Rocknrolla, and a drinks card for Thursday night at The Highway. Oh, and a tiny sample of Fruchocs! I bags that one!

All in all, a very memorable night, and one I am not likely to forget.

Here's a link to our photo on the night with Dzelde...

Here's a link to the website where you can find more info about the evening, pictures, videos etc. Worth a look!

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SOL's view said...

Sounds like a great evening!

I would have gone for Keeping My Options Open....

You take the chocs, and I will have the bourbon.