Wednesday, 22 October 2008

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So, we were looking at IT stuff recently. Our IT geek, who has been mentioned in previous blogs, organised an old Mac for Jr Her, for a carton of beer. It's not a bad machine, and she likes it (probably because it's new, but whatever works). Well, she would if she ever got the chance to use it.

We had to bring it in because it was full of rubbish and wouldn't read her memory stick. He said to bring it back he would clean it up for her. We did. It sat on the front seat of the car for a week. Then Him went away, and I had to take it out of the car so we could pick him up from the airport. It sat in the office for several days. Finally we got told to bring it back he was coming. It sat here in the office for 3 days. FINALLY he came and fixed it. Now she has a usable computer.

Until we tried to upload the printer driver. Now it wants a password. No one remembers putting a password in, but it won't accept the driver without a password. So I had to bring it back so he could take out the need for a password.

It sat in the car for 3 days. He is supposed to be here again today. Lets see if he does.

We did buy ourselves a new Epsom printer so Jr Her could have our old one. It's pretty good. Now, we found about the school computer option where the government will pay half of the cost of a new computer up to the value of $750. So, next year we were going to update her beer computer with our old computer, and buy ourselves a new IMac.

Now, we have decided to buy ourselves a new Macbook laptop and just use that for all our stuff, and give her our old machine. Then next year update hers with a new IMac. I have one at work and its fantastic! We will probably get our new laptop through salary sacrifice here at work, which of course, means using the geek to source the computer and load all the software for me.

Wonder how long that will take.....

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That sound great..wally