Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Cracked it!

And so, after two and a half years, I have finally cracked the 90kg mark. Yep, had my weigh in this morning and I am have gone from 90.5 to 88.7kg. I know, it's only 2kg, but considering I hadn't really been dieting, I am stoked.

Now, I have set my next goal at 85. It would be great if I can do it by my next appointment in June. Maybe I will. I have taken up walking again, now that the heat wave is over, but the rest of the week is looking to be quite warm so I am not sure how I will go.

Jr Her said recently she wanted to go on a health kick, walking to school and walking with me after school. But that lasted all of one day. I think I will need to get her motivated to walk when we get home. The trouble is, now she has homework and tutoring to do, it puts everyone behind when we do. I guess I just have to knuckle down and do it, and eat dinner later than usual. Not much of a life for her, no "down time". But it will benefit us both in the long run. And that's gotta be good.


Miss LJ said...

Well done!! Cracking that barrier is great for the mind, and I'm sure you'll be able to lose the next 2kg no worries!!

I'm looking forward to walking a bit more too... I do wish there were more hours in the day though!!


SOL's view said...

that walking bug thing must be going around. i've started walking a little. an extra 10 mins a day.

w00t for me.

maybe you can convince her that the walking with mum can be her downtime...?

The Elder said...

try getting her into something fun with u, like taking an mp3 player on walks and singing loud and obnoxiously. or if she likes dancing, go with some jazz or something. or u could always resort to what amii and i used to do...
make up random dance routines to our fave songs in the loungeroom. it's free that way...... lol.