Monday, 2 March 2009

Excellent weekend

Nothing particular to blog about this time, but just thought I would share my weekend.

Saturday I went to a lovely little fellow's 1st birthday. His mum and dad have just spent a small fortune and renovated half their house. It looks fantastic! Very modern, spacious, and airy. Lucky ducks. The party was fun. We were there 4 hours! It was great to catch up again. We only knew a couple of other people there but it was still very relaxing. We sat outside the open french doors, on the balcony, with the breeze blowing, eating heaps of stuff.

Anyway, on Sunday we treated Him to a day at the Caravan and Camping show. I really didn't mind that. We got there early because we weren't sure what time it opened. Turns out they have farmers markets every Sunday morning, didn't know that. We didn't go through them, but we will another time. It only cost us $3 for parking too.

It was interesting to go through all the different caravans. We came very close to upgrading our van to a similar Jayco. It was only going to cost us $9000. But we would have to try to get finance, and all that, and we just wouldn't be able to make payments. not yet. Maybe next year. But the new van was slightly bigger than ours, similar layout with double bed up one end and two bunks up the other, table and dinette next to the bunk. Kitchen sink in the same place, but fridge across the way. Heaps more cupboards than ours. And the cupboard that would be Jr Her's had shelves in it - her current one doesn't.

We were quite surprised then the bloke said we could get $20,000 for ours, given that when we bought it they retailed for $21000. That means in 7 years it has depreciated a total of $1000. Amazing! But it hasn't been used all that much and is in great condition.

Anyway, I did see another van I liked. It was an Island Star, and it would set us back $18,000 after trade in though. But the colour scheme throughout was cream and black, and the bedspread was pale gold. Very classy compared to the Jayco we were looking at. It has an L shaped dinette, and Jr Her could use that as a bed. Pretty soon she will want to sleep in the tent all the time anyway, and in a few years she will stop wanting to come.

We also bought a new hat for Jr Her and I, hers being a turquoise blue cowboy hat. Looks lovely on her too! Mine is a white granny hat but they assure me it looked good. We also bought a dish drainer for the van, and a pair of new strap on mirrors. Long day. We got there at about 9.40 and didn't get home until almost 3.00. But the aim was for Him to have a day doing something he wanted to do, and he did. He was happy and we enjoyed ourselves too.

Can't wait till next year. Hopefully we will be in a position to upgrade! Certainly something to look at!

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Miss LJ said...

Sounds like it was a good weekend! I forgot all about the camping show... have to go next time! Glad you had a fun day!