Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Out of touch

Sorry, it seems I have been out of touch for a while. Maybe Facebook has taken over? Not sure.

Anyway, here I am with another blog about nothing. Just an update on a very boring life! Funny how exciting other people's lives seem to be compared to ours! lol!

Recently, I began to feel like crap, for want of a better word. I mean, I am a positive person, generally, and in reasonably good health given my size. So when I started to feel tired all the time, my joints were playing up more than usual, short tempered, and I felt dizzy and light headed on and off, I decided it was time for a check up.

So, off I go, armed with a load of complaints - the aforementioned, suspected tennis elbow, a navel full of goo, and a lumpy finger. Diagnosis? Hypochondriac it would appear! The belly button full of goo was a busted cyst, and cleared up in a day or two. The lumpy finger is arthritis like the rest of my joints, but manifesting itself slightly differently. As for the rest, well, I went for blood tests on the weekend, and yesterday they came back negative.

Basically, he doesn't know why I feel like the mega bitch from hell. The only thing he could find is that my iron levels were very slightly elevated. That's happened before too. Cure? Give blood. The irony to that is that I had actually missed a call yesterday from the Red Cross to arrange an appointment to do just that!

Anyway, while I was there, I asked how you knew if something was a skin cancer. He said it's red or back. I had a spot on my forearm which had been showing bright pink for awhile. The doctor fancied himself as somewhat of a skin cancer expert and promptly told me yep, that's what it is. So he did a biopsy and when it comes back positive (he is adamant it will) I will get it chopped off. No drama, I have already had one removed from my other arm. Funny thing was, he was like a little boy. I think he was excited he found something he could help me with, given his perplexity at the lack of diagnosis for the other stuff. Made me laugh anyway.

So, I have to give blood once a month for 3 months, then every quarter after that. Then we'll see how I go. I go back in a month for a review. Lovely.

On a lighter note, which should probably be another blog, we had a lovely Valentines weekend. What is your view of Valentine's Day? We don't celebrate it. I believe you should be able to tell people you love them all year round. Well, now and then we do something. Usually, though, in my opinion, it's for all our loved ones. Not just our husband/wife/girlfriend/boyfriend. So when we do something, it's usually all of us.

As I had blood tests this Valentines and was ravenous after, I stopped at Woolies and bought my two loved ones a little box of chockies each. Then went to Michele's Patisserie and bought slices for morning tea. Lovely. My boss bought me two roses when he bought his wife a bunch, but just to cheer me up. He's like that.

So our weekend was good. We went for dinner with friends Friday night, then after our slices Saturday we went down to Port Elliot to visit some people we met at Port Broughton (see previous blog). They were very surprised, and I believe, very happy to see us. We spent all afternoon there, and it was lovely.

Sunday I wasted the day scrapbooking my dad's 70th birthday album. It's coming along quite nicely!

Other than that, really, nothing exciting has been happening. Jr Her has her tutor coming Saturday mornings again to get her a heads up on maths and English, and Him was going onto night shift but the boys are rebelling cause they don't like him as a supervisor (because he makes them work when they have had 10 years of doing what they like). Guess we'll see. The money would certainly be welcome relief!

Well, that's about all the excitement in my life. Oh yes, although it hasn't been officially confirmed, and won't be until next week, I think I have lost almost two kg! Without trying!

I'll keep you posted...

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SOL's view said...

yay for the losing of the two kg! *is excited for you*

as for boring lives, you just have to turn the mundane into a phrase that makes it wonderful. i'm sure my life isn't really as exciting as i make it sound. =D

ooo *crizater* like tuh-mater, but without the tah-m ...