Thursday, 29 January 2009

Feelin Hot Hot Hot

You know it's summer when:

  • It gets "down" to 38 degrees overnight
  • It's so hot your shampoo seems to be melted
  • The butter is soft the moment you take it from the fridge
  • The water from the cold tap is hotter than the water from the hot tap
Yep, summer is here. Yesterday the powers that be declared it our 3rd hottest day in history, peaking at 45.7 about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. But folks, let me tell you, a couple of the temperature displays around town said 48 as late as 6:30pm, and my own car reading was 50.

So, it's officially hot. Bloody hot. The airconditioning is struggling to bring the temperature down any, and I can almost guarantee if I had a thermometer inside, it would still be reading high 30s.

And it's not going to stop until next week. And it's so dry, that your body can't sweat. Oh, you sweat overnight, but the fan doesn't even seem to touch that enough to cool you. But you don't sweat outside, it's too dry.

So, people, stay cool, drink plenty, and dream of that long, cold Adelaide winter we used to have....


Miss LJ said...

Hating this weather so so so much!!! We slept with the airconditioner on all night cause I just couldn't cope with another sleepless night.

Hope you ar managing to keep cool at work. My house is a hot box, and we can't cool it enough to be comfortable.... We thought about the beach, but finding a park, and walking on the sand was just not appealing.

Take care and keep cool!!!!

SOL's view said...

... faaaarrrrkkkkkk ......

(comment from Adelaide crows)

hey! my word is 'glowar'

The Elder said...

dayum africa.....

i thought it was getting hot enough here.

i suppose i can at least WALK TO 3 BEACHES!!!!



Miss LJ said...

Hey there!! You haven't updated for a while - am hoping everything is Ok with you... I noticed on FB you were having some tests... hope you are OK!!