Friday, 25 December 2009

Merry Christmas

So I had every intention of posting a few Christmas pics here today, of the dog with his Christmas hat with the lights, and the cat playing with his new toy, but, ya know, I just couldn't be bothered. They will have to wait until our return from the Great Ocean Adventure.

This week has been rather good. It certainly went very quickly. Monday and Tuesday were work days, but the excitement of impending holidays meant it was rather more interesting. The Boss and I made sure we had everything done on time, and when Fluffy arrived just before 1pm Wednesday we closed up shop and took off. After a quick petrol stop we climbed to the 9th floor of Air Apartments and retired to the balcony.

Lunch was a long and lovely affair, prawn and avocado wantons (very tasty), steak and salad, and mince pie with icecream and meringue. Very nice. Fluffy and Boss went glass for glass and I admit, when Boss, a seasoned plonk, was slurring his words, Fluffy was visually unaffected. Just happy. He makes a happy drunk.

About half past six we departed for friends who had taken possession of Dobby at noon, and there a party was in full swing too. We stayed for more food, and when Dobby's whines of "I've been here for hours! I want to go home" got too much, we made for our own domicile.

All in all, a lovely way to begin holidays.

Christmas Eve was spent battling the shopping centre for carpark just so we could acquire macadamias and milk. I had asked Fluffy to pick some up earlier in the week but he was unable to locate macadamias at the small local shops he went to. So, on the busiest day of the year, we were forced to brave the hustle and bustle of the shopping centre. We decided it was probably a good idea to partake of refreshments while there, so we stopped for coffee and cake too.

Dobby was quite excited about Christmas so went to bed early. I woke up at four to the sound of banging outside. I went for a look but didn't find anything suspicious. Unfortunately for me I woke up Dobby. Mistake. At five she got up for a loo break. At five-thirty she gave up and turned on the telly. At six she woke us up. I shooed her out but at six-forty five mum rang. Okay, I admitted defeat and crawled out of bed.

Quick wash of the hair, don the new black summer dress, and a cuppa and it was present time. Man, I sure did well! Dobby was swimming in wrapping paper, as we always buy her lots of little things and wrap them separately, so she feels thoroughly spoiled. Fluffy got some much needed money and some other bits and bobs, including a new drill I bought him.

I received some wonderful gifts. So, apart from the scooter and eternity ring, I also received:

* Bath gel gift set from sister
* Home baked biscuits from another sister (Yummo!!!!)
* Much needed socks and a heart shaped egg ring from Bestie (Dobby loved her necklace, too! x)
* Frog pin and earrings from Mother
* Stencil kit from Mother
* Pate dish and knife from Walking Buddy
* A bonk from the hubby *note to self - don't leave a half-written blog open while attending the washing....*
* 3 frogs sitting on a park bench in the "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" pose
* A huge basket (which will come in handy) with shower gel, moisturiser, lip balm, body scrub and a soft fluffy robe
* $100 gift voucher for a facial and massage from the local beauty spot.

So, all in all a wonderful Christmas. Then, we just chilled out for a while. Pottered about the place. I eventually swept and mopped the kitchen dining area, vacuumed the house, stripped the sheets off the bed and remade it with a bottom sheet and blanket (the house sitter will bring his own bedding), put unneeded stuff away, did two loads of laundry, and made sure I had everything we needed for our Great Ocean Adventure.

Dobby played with the million gifts she received for most of the day. Fluffy did some last minute things in the van.

Hermione arrived about four and she and Nan, and Nan's daughter and granddaughters stayed for a coffee.

For dinner we had a roast beef, salad, baked potatoes (cubed not whole, but seasoned with herb and garlic seasoning), and chili prawns with macadamias (see we had to get those nuts, just wouldn't have worked without them). Dessert was plum pudding with icecream and custard.

Plenty of food, and plenty of leftovers to take away. I made sandwiches for the road too.

Then, after everyone had their showers I put the towels through the wash and now they are in the dryer I can go to bed. There will be clothes in the hamper for two weeks, but I am not comfortable leaving them on the line for the house sitter to bring in. If it were a woman I may be but it isn't.

So, anyway, this is my last post for a bit. I will check back in a couple of days, probably from Geelong, to let you know how we are traveling.

Until then, Merry Christmas gang! xxx


SOL's view said...

Lol. Glad you liked the biscuits. :D

Chris H said...

a 'bonk' ha ha ha!
Have a wonderful time on holiday!

Anonymous said...

have fun!! love wally

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