Sunday, 2 May 2010

A little slower this week

Yes, while this week was, as usual, it was somewhat more bearable.

Work was full on, due to end of month, but I survived. Nothing terrible happend anyway, except the usual export dramas (as SOL knows all about). We export product overseas, and lately, our export company has been making mistakes and letting us down. Typical.

Anyway, Thursday and Friday Fluffy had a course to attend at Mawson Lakes. That was a lovely break away from work for him. For me it meant I didn't have to wake up until 6.15 instead of 5.15.

Thursday, during a break, he asked me if we could go to Harvey Norman after work to check out the snack makers. We want to make jaffles, but don't want the triangle jaffle maker. And, if possible, we wanted a 4-piece maker.

Anyway, when we got there, they didn't have the one we wanted. I left Fluffy chatting with the helpful ladies (he seems to have a way with the girls), and wandered to the computer area to check out the iRiver Ebook. I had heard a bit about them and was curious.

The bloke had just finished his spiel when Fluffy came back. I told him what I was looking at. I liked it, but it was $398. No way we could afford that. I also looked at the leather case you could buy for it, for another $60.

As soon as I had told him about it, he whipped out his wallet and told the guy we would take one. But we would only pay $420 for the ebook and the case. Done. WHAT! Hey, it's your mother's day present. But that was your money you earned from selling your awning! Who cares, if it's for you, it's okay (I do love that man). Well, after he had arranged that, he asks "do you want to go for a drive down to Noarlunga?" again, WHAT? It's about as far south as you can get without heading to Victor Harbour! Well, not quite, but still some distance south.

Sure, why not. Apparently the Harvey Norman store there had the snack maker we wanted. The ladies he had been chatting up got another lady there to put one aside for him.

When we got there, sure enough, she had one there. He told her that the other girls said she would give him a good price. It went from $90 down to $75. He was happy. It's a Breville Snack Maker, 4 piece, which has these long hollows. It cuts the sandwich in half longwise, but the pickets are quite deep. Apparently, it also makes lovely snacks with puff pastry filled with your favourite, well, fillings... We tried it out for dinner last night, with half a cooked sausage in each "tube", cheese, onion and chilli sauce. Apparently it was lovely.

So, that was Thursday. Friday night Hermione came for her weekend visit. Nan and Bruno stayed for dinner (fish and chips) and left around 8 or so. The girls went to bed about half ten. Fluffy and I surfed websites looking at the vast number if E Books availabe to download onto my reader. I signed up to a club, paying $40 once, for a lifetime of free books. I think I made a mistake, but hey, it's worth it.

Saturday, Dobby had a couple of birthday vouchers burning a hole in her wallet, and I had a voucher also, so we headed down to Marion to spend them. Our first stop was Diva, where Dobby purchased a cute silver ring, and I got one for Fluffy and some bangles for me.

Next stop was KMart, where Dobby bought herself the movie Princess Protection Program. She also got some stationary. I had been looking for a pillowtop for the mattress, and found one at KMart for $39. Also, I thought Big W had a little slow cooker for $25 but I found one in KMart for the same price. I bought Avatar and some scrap booking paper. I also bought a Wii game for Dobby. All up, cost me $52. Not bad!

After lunch at Hungry Jacks (God bless Stunner meals!) we headed home. Dobby got ready for netball and they watched her new move. Fluffy and I put 4 books onto my reader. I took it to netball and read while Dobby played. Netball was great. Her team won 49 - 7... usually it was the other way around! She was happy.

Later in the afternoon the girls wanted to go to the park. As it was late I told them only half an hour, be back at 5.45. They were home a few minutes before, but said that some creepy guy was watching them (or was it following them?) playing with himself while in his car. I discussed it with Fluffy and he called the police. We were told that they were going to drive around then come see the girls. No one came... I feel quite strongly about that. I think this is quite serious!

Anyway, after dinner they watched Avatar and went to bed. I was too restless waiting for the police to arrive to have dinner. Waste of time that was.

Then, on Sunday, I popped down to Marion again. See, some blonde picked up the case for the Wii game, but forgot to take it to the counter to get the actual disc... D'uh! And, when we tried to get Avatar out of the case, it was still locked so we had to break the case. They replaced it with a new copy! Nice!

I did a grocery shop too, and it was funny because the boot is full of camping tables and chairs, so I had to put the shopping on the back seat. The girls had wanted to come, but I am glad they didn't because they would have had to take a taxi home like the Supercheap add! It was quite a struggle to get the stuff into the doors, without hitting anything, but I managed.

After the shopping a made a quick stop at Bunnings for a couple of plants. I chose 3 similar to one I already have. Hopefully they last a little while. Something to fill the empty pots anyway.

When I got home it was time to take Hermione back home. We all piled into the car and were greeted with fresh scones, lunch box cookies and chocolate muffins. Lovely! Fresh cream and home made jam topped it off.

Now, back home, I have a chook (well, two actually) in the oven with some roast potatoes. Sara Lee cheese cake with cream and ice cream for dessert. Then I think a hot bath...


Leanne said...

Sounds liek a good weekend!! I'm not sure if I'm ready to progress to an E-book... I love normal books to much. And better to curl up in bed with! Enjoy though!

And have a good week :)

Anonymous said...

Yes I've fallen for that too - get the Wii case and forget to get the disc! The eBook sounds good if you never have to buy another book again in your life! And no more books cluttering up the shelves! love rat.

JoeinVegas said...

Wow, you guys seem to go shopping a lot. Nothing wrong with that, just seems like a lot.

Anonymous said...

i never hear of ebook. love wally.

SOL's view said...

Lol. I don't think I've managed to do that with a dvd. :)

You know, even though it was quiet, it was still not....

Chris H said...

I was enjoying reading about all your activites, until you got to the cheese cake and ice cream... now I'm drooling. THANKS.

Butterfly Kissez said...

I've been dropping hints for a Kindle coz everyone I have spoken to say they are the beeknees! But think I might do my own research and find one not quite so expensive! Be great to take away on holidays so you don't have to lug a heap of books to read while sipping cocktails by the pool lol! I notice a few ppl on the train with them.

You are right about the Police being slack in their jobs too...imagining what could have happened to the girls still gives me the shivers...what an absolute creep...did the cops ever turn up??? I hope so...imagine if another girl was actually abducted or sexually assaulted by the guy??

Froggy said...


No, the police didn't show up.

I LOVE my EBook, have read two stories on it and have a heap ready to load onto it when I get my memory card.

Yes, it has been pointed out to me that I shop alot. I suppose I do, but it's not usually stuff I don't need or have to buy for birthdays etc, and it's often when I have something specific I have to go look for. It's seldom just for the heck of it.... :-)

Anonymous said...

I wish blokes would get over us sheilas going shopping all the time! It's a girl thing and we have more stuff to choose from than blokes. They are just jealous they can't wear pretty shoes, jewellery, handbags etc! love Rat