Sunday, 23 May 2010

Taking a break

Isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Well, it is, but it comes at a price.

This week was lovely at work. Boss wasn't in much so I had some down time. Much needed.

At home, the week was normal. Dobby had netball on Monday, to which her father took her. Wednesday was guitar, again her father took her. Thursday night I had a massage.

For Christmas last, Dobby and Fluffy gave me a voucher for a "beauty spot" at the local shopping centre. I decided to use some of it on a massage. It was lovely. The lass doing it was very good. She made sure she always had one hand on you at a time. Even when she moved around the bed, so you never really knew exactly where she was. She did my legs and arms first, then I rolled over and she did my calves and feet, then back, shoulders and arms.

Now, by the time she was doing my back, I needed to go to the bathroom. I had gone before. This often happens. It was not urgent, but the feeling was there. As she progressed, of course, it progressed. By the time she was working on my shoulders I had also begun to feel funny. Odd. Sort of sickly. And my nose was blocking up (yes, I still have the dregs of this cold).

I put up with it until she had finished, dressed rather hurriedly because of my need to go, and wandered out to the reception area. Mistake. I felt very light-headed and sick. I went back inside to lay down until it passed, which it seemed to quite quickly, then made my way out to the mall to go to the bathroom. But while there it came back. I was supposed to do the grocery shopping but I had to call Fluffy and tell him how I was feeling. He told me to come home and it was all I could do to drive home without passing out.

All evening the feeling continued, and indeed, when I went to bed I still felt quite queasy.

Friday at work, I kept feeling light headed and off all day. Friday night Dobby and I went to the hairdresser. I didn't have as much money as usual so told her to do what she thought was worth what I could pay. She told me don't be silly that was plenty, and did the usual! I love that girl! She put foils in the top, coloured the rest, then cut and blow dried it for me. She had one other lady there (not the girl who seems to always be there when I am there, thankfully) and Dobby. For Dobby, she put blonde and red foils in her hair, and cut it for her. She is so happy with it, she preens all day and says "I look really pretty now". That's confidence for you! Gotta love it!

Here's my hair. Fluffy said it makes me look older... I think it makes me look like my sisters.

Would you believe I am actually wearing make up? This was taken in the car though, so it was dark... It looks better today, after I washed and blowdried it my normal way. I love it!

Saturday we had an appointment with our family counsellor but Fluffy had to work so I left a message that we had to reschedule. So instead, Dobby and I went back to the beauty spot, and she got an ear pierced and I got my eyebrows waxed. I think they made an easy $12 off me, because they didn't really need it and in fact, look no different... Dobby wanted to get an earring at the top of her ear but they wouldn't do it. She settled for a second hole in her lower lobe, she already had one she had done herself so now she is not lopsided...

Then, we went to that cheap supermarket again. Bought all kinds of snacks and frozen goods. We had a ball. Then on to the regular supermarket for meat and cold things. And I again forgot to pick up my jackets from the cleaners... Have to ask Fluffy to get them for me Monday.

We came home and Dobby threw herself in front of the television and let me get all the groceries out of the car by myself, and unpack them all. Lovely child isn't she?

We had lunch then relaxed until netball. At the game, just at the end of first quarter, Fluffy arrived. He had come to watch the game. I was a bit disappointed in the team, because they were second on the ladder of their grade, and were playing a team in the grade below. They lost by just a few goals. Dobby thought 5 but I counted only about 3.

Home for dinner. We did the things in the oven thing in front of the television again, and watched the DVD of Whose Line Is It Anyway my boss had bought for me. It was great.

Today, Sunday, I intended to have a lazy day. And I did. I started with stripping the bed, did 4 loads of washing, remade the bed, did about an hour of ironing, swept and mopped the floor. All before lunch. I then put myself on the bed with my e-book and the cat, and that's where I spent the afternoon. I tried to nap a bit too, and for an hour I dozed, waking only to the sound of the television, or when Dobby and Fluffy spoke to eachother. They were watching the Thunderbirds play the Firebirds. I am not sure who ended up winning, but the T-birds were winning when I came out.

I got the washing off the line, then back to the bedroom. Put dinner on, then back to the bedroom. As a consequence, I now have a headache. You know that horrible stuffy feeling you get? And you can't focus properly? Mum phoned me to tell me that a nieghbour helped them save $600 by chopping down a tree in their yard (after he had mowed the lawn for them) without telling them. They had told this lovely neighbour that a fellow was coming to do it this week. He didn't like the thought of mum and dad paying that much money, so he and is father did it for them. When mum and dad came home, he was half way through so they helped him finish. Anyway, she was telling me when she called, that she feels the same way when she has a rest. While she is moving, she wishes she could stop, but when she does, she often feels stuffy and headachey too! Must be a family thing...

Anyway, dinner tonight is marinated chicken wingettes, seasoned baked potato cubes, and vegies. Smells great and my tummy is rumbling. Catch ya later!


Anonymous said...

OMG! There are twins in the family now! Your hair does make you look like your sister! I thought it was a photo of number 1 Sis! It made me look twice! Hope you're over the lightheadedness. The massage might have interferred with your circulation or something. Love Rat.

Micki said...

I love your hairdo...You look so pretty!

SOL's view said...

Yes! Twins! All over again.... :D Lookin good there Sis.

JoeinVegas said...

Sounds like your weekends are busier than working. And the hair looks great

Butterfly Kissez said...

I agree! You look like Sister No 1 lol! *Sorry Leanne =P*

But having said that you look gorgeous :)

*decat* decat just ran past chasing demouse

Chris H said...

You look lovely mate!