Saturday, 8 May 2010

Mother's Day and a fleeting glance

So another week goes by. Each week, I vow I will have a slow week with nothing to report.

And each week I find some rubbish to waffle on about.... mmmm. waffles...

Anyway, this week Boss' wife went into hospital for a hip replacement. She is such a lovely lady, that Boss was telling me that she bought a sandwich maker for their beachhouse, and when he mentioned I had been looking for one she said "find out if she found one because if not I'll buy her one for her birthday". What a lady.

The surgery went well, and she is up and about, if somewhat shakily for now. For me, this has meant that Boss had been out of the office on and off all week. He comes in for a few hours then goes again. He also brings Holly, the office bitch with him. She is a lovely greyhound, whom I got to walk Friday. Lovely natured beast she is.

So, that was my working week. For Dobby, she had netball on Monday night for training. The last two weeks Fluffy has taken her, so I have had a couple hours to myself. And it's been lovely. I really do appreciate it.

This week she also started guitar lessons. Electric. At a place not too far away. We all went this time, so we knew where the place was and to meet the teacher. He seems to be very nice and switched on, and Fluffy sat in on the lesson as Dobby was a bit nervous having a one-on-one with a bloke. But Fluffy was very impressed with the guy, and Dobby really enjoyed the lesson so I think it will work out just fine. We decided that Fluffy will do the netball and I will do the guitar. That way, we both do a run while the other has a bit of quiet time.

Friday night was lovely. There is something about Friday evenings. It's even better in winter, coming home, it's dark and cold (especially when it's wet) and you can relax, unwind, curl up under the blanket and just sit. This week I made us all toasted ham, cheese and pineapple sandwiches with my new snack maker, and we just relaxed.

Saturday, we were up fairly early, and Dobby and I went to Harbourtown so she could visit the Smiggle shop for a birthday gift. I know, its shopping again, and apparently we do a lot, but its just a case of the party being next weekend but we will be away so I had to think ahead. She also found something she wanted but it was more money than she had so I helped out (as you do). Also, as we had spent enough money including the gift, to get our loyalty card filled with stamps, she got a free gift. She chose a green zipper pencil case. Happy as Larry she was, and the gift we bought was a pack including a large notebook, pack of pens, pencil, eraser, scissors, glue and clips, for $20. Plus we bought a particular pen the friend wanted.

Then, I wanted to find boxers for Fluffy, and Brands United had 2 for $25. Bought him a black and a blue pair of Playboy boxers. All the way down the other end to Woolworths for a plastic laundry hamper for me, as my 8 year old woven basket was starting to break on the lid from the cat sitting on it while I am in the bath. Something for everyone!

After Harbourtown we went across town to the cheap supermarket I found recently, and bought a stack of snacks and things, plus sauces and rice and chocolate. I also bought an uncut slab of scotch fillet, for $30. I got 5 packs of 3 steaks plus a chunk I will cut up for a casserole. Good value, I say. I think it was about $6 kg. I had planned to spent $150 and it came to $149.

Not long after we got home it was off again, this time to netball. The team they played this game played dirty. Lots of shoving and aggression, plus a bit of unfair umpiring. Most of it though was psyching the girls out by their aggressive behaviour. One particular pair were fighting for space on the goal circle line and the opposition kept kneeing our girl off balance.Plain dirty I thought.

There is a particular woman, whose daughter is a netball umpire I think, not sure, and her granddaughter plays on the team. She is a real loudmouth, calling out stuff on the sidelines, and she was really starting to annoy me, so I went down the other end of the court. I wouldn't mind if she was calling out supportive stuff, but she was pointing out all their faults and even directed a couple of snipes to Dobby. On the way home, Dobby told me she could hear her and was quite put off by her comments. I told her to tell the coach that she was put off, and he might make sure she keeps herself quiet next game, cause she really was very annoying and negative.

Saturday night I cooked a trial dinner, with a couple of tins of curry I bought. All you had to do was add meat. I added chopped up white fish fillets and prawns. Dobby and I had rice and Fluffy had pasta with his. They liked it. I was so-so. Fluffy will have the leftovers for lunch, so couldn't have been too bad. Also, at the supermarket we bought two little cartons of chocolate fudge icecream. We shared one with a scoop of vanilla each for dessert. Very nice.

Before dinner though, we had guests. After netball, a friend (actually ex-boss) of mine and her partner dropped by for coffee. When we were seeing them off I heard a meow. The other two were talking to me but I ignored them, listening for the sound again.

Sure enough, from the bushes came a lovely little grey and white cat, wearing a pink collar and bell. Annabell. Earlier in the week the neighbour across the road came over asking if we had seen the cat, as no one had seen her for awhile. We hadn't. Now, here she was coming looking for company, the poor girl. She was so happy to see us, smooging all around us and purring. I gave her a bite to eat while Fluffy and Dobby went across the road to the same neighbour and asked for a contact number for Tracey's family.

He called them and they said they had seen her earlier today and that the shed was open so she could come and go. But obviously this little girl was starved for company. Fluffy wouldn't let me bring her inside, saying she had a home to go to so let her go. Apparently, the woman he phoned said they would pick her up early next week and take her to the pound.

Several hours later, she was still sitting outside the front door in the cold. It's heartbreaking. But, Fluffy is adamant.

Sunday morning I woke up at 5.20 to the sounds of Annabell meowing outside the window. I didn't get up, but it was sad. Roger was at the window talking back to her softly. Later, she must have had her paws right up on the window because she was quite loud.

Anyway, about 7.30 Roger jumped onto the wardrobe beside the bed and I woke up. Fluffy got up and made me a cup of tea, and Dobby brought me my gift. I didn't expect anything because I already received my i-river Ebook reader. But Dobby was so proud! She had won second prize in the school Mother's Day raffle - a purple Tupperware drink bottle and purple sandwich box. She was so pleased! And she made me a lovely card.

After I made HER breakfast (boiled eggs and toast) I did the laundry, the dishes, and made myself scrambled eggs. One of the things I found at the supermarket was sun-dried tomato flavoured cooking oil. I used a little for the eggs. Quite tasty it is.

I hung out the washing, made myself a cuppa and settled in with my ebook. Fluffy pulled out his laptop and talked me into downloading a couple more books, and I also downloaded Frankenstien (the original) and Around The World in 80 Days for Dobby. I told her that when I get my memory card, she can borrow the ebook to read a book while I read something else. I hope she appreciates the stories, but some how I don't think she will. Never mind!

Apart from a walk to the shop to give the dog some exercise, and buy milk and an icecream, all I have done today is read. Very relaxing. I am not cooking dinner. Last night I made that fish curry, with prawns, and Fluffy will have the last of that for tea. Not sure what to make Dobby and I. Something simple for sure. Tomorrow I will make a batch of pea and ham soup. Mmmm!

See? I can have a quite weekend! Sort of....

Oh, and by the way, Mother loved her handmade duck so thanks heaps, Chris! xxxx


Anonymous said...

You gotta adopt Annabell! The poor thing! Does Roger and her get on OK? Will have to visit your mum to see the kiwi duck! Love Rat.

Butterfly Kissez said...

Ooooh I LOVE Smiggle...My niece and I both shop there a bit...I love stationery stuff lol...And yes you have to adopt Annabelle poor lil she the pet of the lady who died in your street?? I'd take her but she is too far away :(

Micki said...

I ditto what everyone is saying...Adopt the kitty!

SOL's view said...

Heh, never mind the fighting dirty, did they win or not? You didn't say! Or maybe I just didn't see it? Although, I AM wearing my glasses.

You had a good MD by the sounds of it.

JoeinVegas said...

How much does Roger weigh, to break the lid?
Yes, if Roger gets along with her, take the kitty in. She would just go out for adoption anyway.