Monday, 21 June 2010

Changes, Changes Everywhere...

But if you sit and stare......

You stay the same.....

Haha. Just a line or two from a Play School song that was stuck in my head.

Dodgy helping me sort washing and tidy up... I think....

So as always it's been a busy week. Finished end of month about mid week but got a new project to work on. It's half finished and hopefully I can clean it up Monday to leave some relaxation time for me. Boss is at the beachhouse for the weekend, which means at least Monday free for me. Then he wants to travel, but we'll see.

Oh, he's just phoned me and said he won't travel but will stay at the beachhouse for another day.

So, anyway, on the weekend we promised Dobby we would go bed hunting. Hers is just too big and cumbersome. So our first stop was Super AMart. She found one which was exactly what she was looking for, but probably not quite practical. It was white leather, very low to the ground, and quite cheap too. Best price about $199. She also found another higher bed with a trundle under that, with 3 drawers under the trundle. Best price was $380. It, too, was available in white, and seemed to be timber, not laminate. Nice bed.

Next stop was Forty Winks. Nothing there. Harvey Norman also drew a blank, as did Dreamland and Captain Snooze. Keep looking.

Off to Le Cornu for a sticky. She was quite taken by the wooden Carriage bed for little girls. If only they had those when she was small! Anyway, she did find another she was really taken with. It had small storage cupboards underneath, and the guy gave us a price of $299. She really wanted it. I expressed my doubt that it would last long because it was laminate, and would chip easy. She didn't want to choose. We tried to put a positive spin on it, and said that whatever she wanted she could have. Eventually she thought about it and decided that the trundle bed was the more practical. It had the extra bed and extra storage under it.

Over lunch at Hungry Jacks we agreed that she could go back and have another look at the Super AMart bed and climb up on it, and make her decision then. She was happy. Oh, by the way, at Forty Winks, we found a lovely quilt cover on sale for $20 for her.

Anyway, she hopped up on the bed, decided it was just right, and so we bought that one. We also, for another $120, bought a small white desk to go in the corner of her room. Now all we need is for Fluffy to pull her existing bed out, and give the walls a lick of paint to spruce it up.

When we got home she and I started work on her school project. They are studying deserts, and she got the SA desert. So we found an old boot box of mine and slopped together some papiermache and made her a little desert landscape of rocks in one corner, a tiny cave and the rest is flat. Hopefully it will paint up okay. We need to buy those supplies.

Netball after that, and sadly they copped a small flogging. A lot of that was to do with umpiring I think but anyway, they enjoyed themselves and played well as a team.

Sunday I got up early, stripped and remade the bed, including quilt cover, did 2 loads of washing, swept and mopped the dining room floor, changed the litter tray, vacuumed the laundry and outside carpets, and vacuumed the back half of the house. Then Dobby and I went to find little animals for her diarama.

I did get sidetracked on the way at Millers. They had a rack of 50% off so I found
a pair of brown long pants,
a blue, black and wite striped shirt,
a brown suede jacket
and a pink knitted top with flowers sewn around the top. The whole lot cost me $62. The jacket itself was priced at $50 before discount! Bargain!

Anyway, after that we got down to business...

We tried the cheap shop but could only find African animals. So across the road to Spotlight (where they had 20% off everything). We picked up a white flat sheet for Dobby (not a fitted single sheet in sight!). Then up to the craft section for paint. Geez, it's expensive for the little bit we would need. We chose white, two browns, two greens and a mauve.

Then we bought modling clay, and a pack of little opal-like beads to stick around the ground too. Hopefully it will look great. I'll put up photos when it's done.

Back to Castle Plaza to buy meat and stuff, then lug it all home. Oh, and we stopped at Wendy's for lunch.

Home to bludge for the afternoon. Seriously, I just sat around and read my ebook all afternoon. Oh, and I did stop to make some little animals. We made a kangaroo, koala, possum, two retarded looing lizards, one with a frill, and a little black snake. And a tree. Two of his branches snapped off this morning, and although I could glue them back on, I may leave them laying on the ground under the tree. Tonight I will paint them for her while she is at netball, I think...


SOL's view said...

Lol. You buy too many clothes.

Ah the joys of doing kids homework for them. Mum always did it for us too, didn't she. :D

Chris H said...

Shopping.... ooo love it!
Millers here is having a big sale too.. I must check it out.

Micki said...

Glad that you were able to get such good deals.

Anonymous said...

love the jacket love wally

Anonymous said...

Watcha doing watching Playschool? Huh? Can't wait to see the finished desert project. It will be a work of art knowing you! I like the blue stripe shirt. I got $64 worth of jewellery from Diva for $10 today. Love Rat.