Monday, 7 June 2010

Clean! Almost...

So what a week this one has been. I had planned to slow down but at work it's end of month, so that's always busy, and I even took some home to do cause I have two days off next week, but the weekend was so busy I didn't get to even look at it.

So, what sort of drivel can I entertain you with this week? Usual, netball and guitar for Dobby. Hermione was going to come over this weekend but suffered a small loss of assignments on her memory stick so had to redo some of it over the weekend. Then Dobby asked if her friend Tiny could come over. Sure, that was all arranged, but on Saturday Tiny was sick so at the last minute canceled. I myself am skeptical... But hey, who and I to argue?

So, Friday night was cold and wet and I brought home junk food. Gotta love it. On Thursday I had taken Dobby shopping for black pants. We only went to KMart, but I found two pairs for her, plus I bought two pair on ebay cheap. We also saw a black jacket/parker reduced from $59 to $29 so I bought her that.

Friday on the way home from work I was chatting on the phone to Mother, and she said she was unable to find black pants for my niece anywhere up there. So as I was about to pass KMart I took a detour and stopped off. I found two pair of black track pants and one pair of black light weight pants for her. She was also after a sky blue polo top for sports day. KMart didn't have any so as I was going to Red Rooster at Castle Plaza anyway, I stopped in at Target and found the top there. Now I just need to package it all up and send it with the kids' birthday gifts.

Anyway, Saturday morning we had a counselling session again, and it went very well. We all came out with positive things - Dobby's being a new room! See, her dad said she could just pull out all the clothes and dump them in the office for sorting. Then, she could look at cleaning the remainder of the stuff through the week. At the meeting, it was agreed that she could pull the clothes out, she and I would sort them, and then if she did more I would spend my day off cleaning the rest and remaking the bed for her. Things I do...

She agreed, and then started planning her new room. Yes, her dad said she could have a new bed cause her's is just not viable anymore. But nothing until the room is done.

Also, to pay for this, we discussed things she could do for us. She doesn't like going to after school care, so I said, okay, I will pull you out if you come home and take the washing off the line for me. And you can help with your bed by wiping up every night. She gave it some thought then agreed. So, now she doesn't go to after school care, she does get the laundry in, she does help with dishes, and she gets a clean room which she also has to keep clean.

Hopefully it works out that way...

Saturday afternoon they played netball, and sadly got a total thrashing! During the game I texted her other friend, whom I shall call Mighty. Cause she is like dynamite! Loud! In your face! lovely little thing she is really. Anyway, Mighty's mum said she could come over instead. Well, you should have seen Dobby's game improve! Did wonders. Didn't win them the game but it helped.

So, we got home and Dobby had a shower, then Mighty turned up. They together are noisy, loud, gigglers. It can get annoying but I know they are only having fun. I had made a mild curry hot pot for dinner and Mighty ate most of hers. She said it was nice, which is good.

They were supposed to go to bed at half ten but instead were putting on make up and doing their hair, but by 12 it was lights out and all quiet. They didn't surface until late Sunday morning. Fluff and I went out to the van and did some work to get it ready for the weekend. Beds, food away, setting up the TV etc... I took them to the video shop and then bought hot chips for lunch. Nice.

We had to take Mighty home at 1, then headed up to Nan and Hermione's for afternoon tea. Fresh scones and biscuits....mmmmmm.

Back home and Dobby and I finished sorting her clothes and put them away, then dinner, then a bit more tidying up and it was bed time already. Where did the weekend go? Back to work this morning to try to cram more stuff in before Wednesday afternoon. Sigh....


Anonymous said...

Crack that whip! You shouldn't be cleaning Dob's bedroom on your day off! That's her job. Bet she doesn't clean your room!

SOL's view said...

Lol. Your week was almost as exciting as mine!

Yes. How did you manage to get talked into helping with her clothes and her room???