Sunday, 27 June 2010

Another week flies by

I swear, they are going faster and faster!

It seems like only a week ago I was sitting here updating my blog...

So, this week was fairly busy at work. Friday was very busy and I finished a little late. But Boss is away the first half of next week and I only have some last minute things to finish before Wednesday so hopefully I can slow down a little.

On the home front, apart from meeting Fluffy up at Blackwood after his doctor's appointment, having dinner at Barnacle Bills (gee they do good fish and chips, and cheap too!), then him heading home and Dobby and I doing a grocery shop, all on Thursday evening after work, not much out of the ordinary happened. We had tacos for dinner Friday, which always goes down well at my house.

Saturday Fluffy and I decided to check out tvs for the bedroom. We have a really, really old 13" heavy little thing, and a set top box, but you couldn't watch DVDs on it, so we had seen a 22" with a DVD player for $500 in a Good Guys catalogue. However, first stop was Harvey Norman just to check out the competition.

We did see a few, but then the sales person said "do you really want a DVD player attached? If something goes wrong you lose your TV too..." Fluffy got to thinking. Maybe we didn't. And for a few $$$ more we could get a 32" instead. So we had a look, and decided to have a look back at Good Guys.

When he had finished I wandered over to the computer section just to check out laptops. We figured we could just dump it all onto interest free finance (God bless GE cards...).

Anyway, while chatting to the bloke, I noticed a picture of a house on his shirt. Said "Free TV, Ask Me How". So I did.

It seems they are having a promotion at the moment where if you lease a computer for $1800 over 2 years, you get a free 32" TV, and an XBox. Wow. So we chatted on a bit, asked a few questions, and liked the deal. We pay for 24 months, then at the end of that, pay an extra month and for the next 2 years, we get all the support and replacement stuff, without the payments. Then, after 4 years, if we choose to go again, we keep the old machine and lease a new one. If we want to.

I asked about overall price, and he said usually leasing is dearer (as we all know) but when you take into account the price of the TV and the XBox, it works out a little better.

We signed up. Then, while Fluffy was filling out the paperwork, Dobby went to look at XBox games (I told her I would buy her her first game, as of course none came with the controller), I toddled back to the tv place, and paid cash for a little 15" flat screen with 4 colour facings (green, blue, pink and white) for when Dobby's room is clean. Including extended warranty and cleaning kit, I paid $285. She doesn't know we have it yet so don't tell her.

So, race back home and get ready for netball. The girls are not playing well this last few weeks. They lost this game but did give a huge effort. In the last half they really came together as a team and prevented the other team from scoring a lot more than they could have.

After netball it was play with the new hardware time. Turns out the tv is a little cheapie. It really isn't a good quality picture, but we don't really care. It plays DVDs through the old DVD player great, and the picture isn't that bad, just not crystal clear. Dobby has just about worn out her game - it's a sing-a-long type, with microphones and all.

Today (Sunday) was chore day. I got up early and by 10.30 had:
* Done two loads of laundry and hung them out
* Stripped and remade the bed
* Swept and mopped the kitchen/dining room
* Made an emu, wombat, desert rat and numbat for the diorama
* Changed the kitty litter
* Picked up all the dog poop from the yard
* Washed up last night's dinner dishes
* Got the curry into the hotpot for dinner toinght
* Cleaned up the blanket box top, on which all my junk had been waiting for my attention, and moved the cat bed into the corner as the tv now sits where his bed was.

Not a bad effort I thought.

Then, I swept the leaves from down the back, and helped Fluffy pull apart Dobby's big bed and move everything around in her room, in preparation for her new bed, which was supposed to be here this week...

Then it was quick hair wash and off to see Disney on Ice. I took Dobby. She loved it. It was pretty good, except for the kid screaming out behind us and kicking the seat in time to the music...
Here's proof that we really did go...

Fluffy had been busy. He worked really hard to undo Dobby's bed and then had to move it all outside. Then he chopped up most of the fig tree down the back. Now there is a HUGE pile of wood waiting for the landlord to pick it up later in the week.

Here's a pic of what we brought Fluffy home from Disney on Ice...

He looks good as a blonde, doesn't he? LOL!
Well, we really didn't buy it - it came with the fairy floss. But if you look at the cost of the fairy floss, we paid about $6 for it!

So, tonight it was very mild curry for dinner, and Dobby is lying on her mattress on the floor, ready for bed, watching a DVD on her laptop. Looks like she is settled in.

Fluffy is just about to do the dishes, and I am running a bath. Whew. Now if only I could just sit down and do nothing for a while...


Anonymous said...

Jez woman, didn't anyone ever tell you that sunday is supposed to be a day of rest?! Who was that masked man with the fluffy yellow hair? Love Rat.

Chris H said...

LOL, I have weekends like that sometimes! They are fun eh?
You certainly squeezed a lot into your weekend.

SOL's view said...

I must be tired ... I can't think of a comment.........