Monday, 8 November 2010

Another step closer to Grad

So this week has flown by. I wish I had exciting stuff to keep you faithful readers enthralled but sadly I do not.

The working week was extremely busy. You know when you are feeling tired, and you look at the state of your desk and what still has to be done, and feel totally overwhelmed? That's how I have been all week. Boss has flown out to Thailand now so hopefully I can stop and collect myself for a brief moment.

It seemed to be an endless round of doctors lately. Remember last Saturday, I had two appointments, one with physio and one with the doctor. Well, this Thursday I had a visit to the lady doctor for that wonderful yearly event, followed immediately by a visit to the plastic surgeon for him to check out this thing on my forehead. Then, Saturday morning was another visit to the physio.

It must be helping because at netball of Friday it didn't hurt so much to stand for an hour. Dobby played really, really well and their team thrashed their opponents, by some obscene score. I can't remember exactly what it was. She even got a few encouraging words from fellow teammates, so she really seemed to enjoy the game. One lass in particular always yells encouragement to her teammates, and I told her mother on Friday that Dobby for one finds them very supportive, so to thank the lass.

Anyway, Fluffy actually took a day off this week. Yes, he spent Saturday with us. It was so lovely to have him around. He walked with me down the end of the street to my physio appointment, and waited outside with the dog till I was finished. Then, after Dobby had "cleaned" her room we decided to go out to Tea Tree Plaza for a look around. Huge place.

We didn't buy Dobby anything from Smiggle and she cracked up. But I explained later that I was happy to buy her the necessities, but anything like that she could use her own money. She won't spend a cent at the moment because she is buying her dad's phone off him when his new one comes in. He asked her through the week what she thought was a fair price, as she had been saving for a new one of her own. She made him an offer, he lowered it a bit, and she was happy. After this week's effort she can now afford to pay him. She just has to wait till his new one comes in later this week (fingers crossed).

Anyway, while there we had lunch at Cafe Primo. I do like the food there. It has gotten expensive but it was very enjoyable. After lunch I thought I may as well look for graduation shoes for Dobby, to go with her new black lacy dress. She decided she wants silver accessories. We looked in a few stores but didn't see anything she wanted to look interested in.

Then Fluffy spotted Spendless shoes. She likes that store. She tried on several pairs and finally settled on a lovely low-ish heel silver pair, with diamonties on the toe and instep straps. They are lovely shoes and look great on her.

Then, I spotted an accessory store that had a three for two sale. We looked at some lovely jewellery and settled on a spikey diamonte necklace, a 3-pack of little diamonte and pearl earrings, and a diamonte headband in silver like the one she wore to our wedding. All up, $43. Not too unhappy with that. Sorry, I wasn't organised enough to take any pictures. Perhaps this week if I get around to it?

We also tried to get Fluffy's lovely expensive watch fixed but they told him it would cost a lot to get it going again, which we decided we might spend on a new one. However, when he left the stand, the watch seemed to be going okay for the time being, so we left it for now.

While he was doing that I scooted across to Katies and found a knitted brown and beige little bolero jacket, $60, reduced to $15. Thank you, I'll have that!

Oh, and after all that, we went back down the other side of town and picked up the cupcake baker we had ordered. And grocery shopped. Got home all pooped out.

Sunday Fluffy was back at work. Dobby and I decided to test the cupcake maker. Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting! Yummo! Sorry, no photo this time. And we tried the slushie maker we bought a while ago, but it didn't make a slushie. It did make a chilled drink but not a slushie. Have to try again sometime. Maybe not enough ice...

The usual housework followed, and then a quiet evening. I think I am going to have to take Dobby back to the doctor again. She is still complaining of pains in the stomach, and was in fact almost in tears the other night. Surely it's not still constipation cause she goes regularly. The last lot of tests didn't show anything. I think I will make her an appointment for Saturday morning and get it sorted once and for all.

I'll keep you posted...


SOL's view said...

The accessories sound lovely. Would like to see them all posed and pretty like in the mags. Or what I think the mags have. I dunno. I don't read them.

I nearly cooked cup cakes on the weekend too!

Anonymous said...

How can you get the bosses job? He is always jetting off somewhere! Can't wait to see Dobby in her graduation outfit! Hope you get good results from all the doctors you're visiting! Is that one of those cupcake makers that you plug in and it's shaped like a giant cupcake? Love Rat.

JoeinVegas said...

Hmm, what does Dobby think about your constipation discussion here?

sounds like a fairly quiet week.

Froggy said...

Rat, yes it is, Joe, she doesn't read it (thankfully) :-)

Butterfly Kissez said...

Awwww Froggy I just want to give you a big hug! You certainly have been through the wars! Doctors are no fun at all!

How nice that Fluffy could spend some quality time with his girls :) Hopefully when Christmas comes around you will be able to take a proper breather and enjoy all that life has to offer.