Monday, 22 November 2010

Boring, boring then Pow!

I honestly thought this blog would be one of my most boring. I truely did. Nothing exciting at all happened through the week. Except problems at work with imports and exports, but some of you know my gripe with those, so I am not even going to go there.

So, nothing at all happend this week. Until Friday. Then this...

Yes, back to the emergency ward. In the last ten minutes of the game, which Dobby's team won, by the way, Dobby suddenly stopped playing, and limped off the court. By the time she got to us a few feet away she was positively howling. She refused to stop crying and complained of being in total agony. She said she rolled her ankle and heard a crack.

While it was being dressed with ice another player confirmed she too had heard the snap. Oh dear. We bundled her into the car and headed back to the hospital...

Apparently it was National Netball Injury Night because there were at least 4 others up there at the same time as us! And they all seemed to be ankle injuries. The girl in the bed next to Dobby had to have surgery because of a nasty break.

Luckily, no such thing for Dobby. After wheeling her in with a wheelchair, we were seen relatively quickly. She has stopped crying at this time but was still in pain. The doctor, a far nicer one than last time, but still Indian, had a feel around and said "It's not broken but the ligament is gone". Well, to me that sounds like a pretty serious thing. But, he said, get an x-ray to confirm that and we'll strap it up. Should be off for about 4 weeks.

The x-ray was clear, and the sister gave her some pills and put a piece of tight tubing on it. She said for a sprain Dobby may only need crutches for a few days then it could take her weight.

Sprain? Didn't the doc say the ligament was gone? Anyway, they were happy to get us out of there so once the technician came and fitted her with crutches we got to go home. Home about 12.30pm.

I had a look on the internet and from what I could tell Dobby only had a level one sprain. Lucky! I think it was the sound of that crack that scared her more than anything.

So, Saturday she dagged about the house, not moving anywhere without her wooden friends. Fluffy had the day off but was so tired he didn't move much. I ran a few errands but that's all. Afternoon tea up at Nan's for scones finished the day.

On a side note, remember Myrtle? The one giving Dobby a hard time? She has been a lot nicer lately, and Dobby feels they are on the way to mending their friendship. On that provisio, I made arrangements for Myrtle's mum to bring Dobby home after school, cause she couldn't walk that far... or so I thought...

Sunday Fluffy was back at work, and Dobby's friend Tiny paid a quick visit. She is really tiny now. She has lost a lot of weight and looks terriffic. They had fun. Dobby decided she was ambitious enough to hobble down to the shop. It's only one street over and down the other end, but I figured she could have a go. When they came back, she was walking! Little sod!

She did pay the price, though, because her foot was terribly sore last night. She is back on the crutches today and grateful for the lift. But we will see how she goes for the next day or so. She is eager to ditch the crutches and walk. Stubborn little thing.

Last night, I was ready for bed early. But it wasn't going to happen. After her bath Dobby comes out "can you have a look at my phone? The screen is not working". We found small traces of water in the back, but she swears it was from having wet hands handling it... hmmmm. Anyway, this phone is dead.

So we decided to take Fluffy's phone, which Dobby is buying and indeed has already paid for, and clear the stuff off it. Sounds easy, right? Well the software driver that came with it was no good.

So we had several attempts to find it online. Then it still wouldn't work. We found a forum which gave that exact problem and a suggested answer. I followed the suggestions and Lo! It worked. For a while.

While I was copying his pictures onto the program on his laptop, it stopped and I had to do it all over again. Well, that is, I closed down the program and disconnected the phone. As it was 11pm!!! I told him I was going to bed. Then my bloody computer email started playing up, it won't accept my password for my gmail account for some reason. Works fine here...

Anyway, I shut the thing down in disgust. He turned his program and phone back on and had another go, got all his stuff off his phone, and had a shower.

In bed, just about to doze off well after midnight, and I hear voices outside. I part the Venetians and have a look. There are two women, one huge tall fat chick, and a tiny thing in a black dress are stealing roses from the bushes across the road. What! They weren't even being quiet about it. Big chick pricked her finger and let out a howl. I woke Fluffy up for a look and we watched them steal these roses. As they walked away, Fluffy yelled out "Get enough?" The spun around and looked but kept going.

Then, back to bed, about to doze off again and I hear crashing from across the road. Even Fluffy woke up. Guess who? It's our flower theives again, this time going through someone's rubbish on the footpath, and next we see them they are walking back home with something under each arm. Stupid women. I don't now if they were high, drunk, or just rude. They made no effort to be quiet, were not in the least sneaky, just like it was perfectly normal to be raiding people's property late at night!

Anyway, eventually I got to sleep.... what a weekend!

Oh, almost forgot! My friend Chris H in New Zealand makes these terriffic bags, and I bought one from her for a work bag. It's fantastic, fits everything in, stays in shape and is comfy to carry. She was also good enough to make me a smaller bag to put my computer back up drive in! Aren't they lovely??


SOL's view said...

Wow. Excitement plus for you! And your neighbours! How rude! My guess is they were drunk...

The things some people do!

Hop Dobby is on the mend. :)

Miss LJ said...

Wow, sound sli,ke a busy weekend! poor Dobby... I can relate, I have done both ankles in 4 months... the last one was almost 2 months ago, and its still not right. I hope she heals up Ok.

Bags look good, will have to get my cash over to her ASAP so she can post mine...


Chris H said...

Nothing like sitting in an ER department to make ya day fun eh!
I hope Dobby's foot is feeling better soon.
Cute bags if I do say so myself! ha ha ha!

Khris said...

Very nice when ya meeting for a cuppa? lol
Hugs Khris

Butterfly Kissez said...

Wow! Those bags are fab! How beautiful are they? Lucky ducky :)

*sicalitt* kinda sicalittle of having to go to work again!

Anonymous said...

love wally

Micki said...

Glad that it landed up being only a sprain...a ligament tear is so much worse....I know I had it.