Monday, 15 November 2010

Stupid Medicos

Well, what a week it's been. Boss was in Thailand so it was very quiet on the work front. I finally got caught up with outstanding stuffs, and apart from one supplier who is very slow lately, I have finished my end of month.

On Monday poor Dobby had another severe attack of the stomach pains she has been experiencing. Plus, she had the added bonus of period pains. Poor lamb. On Tuesday, she still had some pain so I made her a doctors appointment for Thursday.

Tuesday afternoon saw me up at the plastic surgeon having yet another skin cancer removed. That's four now. Wonderful!

Dobby had guitar on Wednesday as normal. Thursday after work I took her up to the doctor. She saw the little Malaysian fellow, is really nice and very cheerful. He couldn't find anything as by then the pain had abated for the most part.

He wrote us a letter to take up to the hospital and suggested that next time she had an attack we take her to the Emergency Ward and they will give her a thorough check up.

Anyway, Friday was netball. And it rained. Again. They played pretty bad but fortunately so did the other team, so we still won. During the game Dobby complained of feeling sick and was totally off her game. By the end of it she was in a great deal of pain again.

We asked did she want us to take her up to the hospital. She was scared to go because one of the tests the doctor told her they would do is put a camera into her stomach to see what was going on. No way she wanted that. I assured her that would be a last resort thing.

Finally, the pain got the better of her and she agreed to go. I didn't give her any painkillers in case they gave her something.

After a shower and change of clothes, we got to the hospital just after 10.30pm. Poor Fluffy had been up since 5.15am. We waited. And waited. Actually, it wasn't that bad. We got seen just after 1.00am.

By this time the pain had all but abated. Fluffy napped in the waiting room while I took Dobby in. Dobby was given a vial and told to go pee. An Indian doctor came to see us. He was so soft spoken with all the voices outside the cubicle I was hard pressed to hear him. Dobby didn't even try. She just looked at me to interpret what he was asking her.

He prodded her belly, asked her about 5 questions, then left us alone for half an hour.

Eventually he came back, said he had consulted his superior and as the scan she had back in August didn't show anything, they couldn't find anything wrong. Go home and take a panadol.

WHAT???? Friggin hell! Poor Dobby was devastated. She was in tears, cause the pain came back and she still had no answers. How could it be nothing?

Anyway, we took her home and were finally in bed around 2.00am.

Saturday we were going to go to Monarto Zoo but with the late night, an early morning was out of the question. I was up at 7.00 because the cat decided to keep sharpening his claws on the carpet outside the bedroom. I left the others to sleep in.

I think Fluffy emerged around 8.30 and Dobby I woke up at 9.40. We decided instead to wander out to Westlakes for a look around.

We did a little shopping, had lunch, then came home. Fluffy fell asleep in front of the TV in the bedroom, and I actually dozed off in the lounge. Well, not quite, but you know when you can still hear what's going on around you but you are zoned out? Dobby even got up to cover me with a blanket, bless her.

Sunday Fluffy went to work, and Dobby and I did some housework. Sheets, floors, ironing. Then we had to do a grocery shop, put that away, baked cupcakes, iced those, put a roast chicken in the oven, got the laundry in, vacuumed... I finally sat down after Fluffy came home about 4.00.

Dinner was lovely and I was sure glad to go to bed last night. We were all sitting in the lounge again, though, watching a show on SBS called Manson. Dobby was supposed to go to bed but shifting her is like prying glue off a sidewalk and I was really too tired to argue. The show was very good and I admit we were all enthralled.

About half way through Dobby says "I feel sick". I told her it may have been because they just showed actually crime schene photos (although in black and white). No, she insisted, I have watched heaps of those crime shows and they don't make me sick. This has been building for a while.

Okay. So we organised an icecream container for her to take to bed after the show. But I suggested that she go see if she could throw up in the loo first. I hung around the kitchen and could hear lots of long, deep burping. I wandered back into the bedroom where Fluffy had gone to bed and sat chatting to him. He suggested she had wind, from drinking a couple of cans of softdrink.

Personally I suspect it's a combination of all the rubbish she eats while we are at work of an afternoon, and a disruptive digestive system.

Anyway, I went back to check on Dobby, and she comes up with "I think I have wind..." Duh, really? Haha.

Anyway, burping seemed to take away the urge to be sick, but she still felt very nauseous. I offered a painkiller but she is always loathe to take anything. So I turned off her light and went to bed.

Personally, I had a bad night. I just couldn't seem to get down into that deep sleep and everything disturbed me. Aaah, well, at least we had a minor sleep in today (Monday). Fluffy had to go to a conference in the city so didn't need to get up at 5.15. When I woke up at 6.10 I felt like I hadn't been to sleep.

Hopefully this week will be better....


Butterfly Kissez said...

Poor Dobby...could she have IBS or something? My hubby's niece was diagnosed last year and she had awful pains until diagnosed. She still does on occasion although the medication helps and change of diet. I went through that as a teen too but grew out of the pains and nausea. Doctor at the time reckoned it was growing pains? Hope she gets some relief soon

Butterfly Kissez said...

Oh and the other thing I picked could they check a scan from a few months ago and say well there was nothing there then so there's nothing there now? Honestly some doctors are not too bright...

Anonymous said...

love wally

SOL's view said...

I'm wondering if she has some sort of gastric problem too! Something like reflux or similar even.

Mine was around the solar plexus area, terrible pain like I has having heart trouble, tight and heavy. Then lots and lots of burping and it would eventually ease off. Now I'm on a low dose medication and it has certainly helped!

Or yes, even IBS.

It's rare to get a doctor who actually takes the time to find out what's going on...

JoeinVegas said...

I had stomach problems, and did end up having a camera down the throat. She might have to go for that, as sometimes it's the only way to see things.
And you did cupcakes too? Was this cupcake weekend down under?

Chris H said...

Poor Dobby, I hope whatever is causing her pain can be found and fixed!

Chris H said...

Yes, that is Griffin's room now! I am constantly moving things around!