Saturday, 19 March 2011

Here we go again

Yep, started a new diet this weekend. And wouldn't you know it, when I went to jump on the scales... they're broken. Can't get a new set till next weekend. Never mind.

This week was okay. Busy busy. As always. Clipsal is in town this weekend. For those who don't know (or care) Clipsal is the big V8 Supercar street racing. Starts Thursday and goes till Sunday night. Big performances each evening, such as Rockwizz on Thursday, and Status Quo I think Sunday. And much more in between. On Tuesday, (Monday was a holiday), it took an hour and a quarter to get from Dobby's school to work, and that was without even going on to the post office. I kid you not. This is usually about a 25 minute run, including the post office. Traffic like you have never seen due to Clipsal road closures. Still, once people realised they seemed to take alternate routes and the traffic, although still congested, seemed to be easier for the rest of the week.

I love Clipsal. Hate the traffic disruptions, because I work in the next street over from the track itself, but the whole atmosphere is great. Real party atmosphere. We can hear the cars from work, and when the big airforce planes fly over we can hear them too. And the Roulette Stunt Planes. Can't see anything though, but the boss did tell me Friday (thanks a lot) that if I wanted I could walk down the laneway beside the building, to see the big screen they have erected at the other end. At least I will know for next year, hey!

Photography course on Tuesday got me all fired up to try night photography next week, plus our "light" session this weekend. Dobby and I decided to try some of the things the tutor was suggesting - adjusting shutter speed etc to create effects, and this is what we came up with. Neat, hey?

These were actually taken just on dark too, which makes it more impressive I think.

At guitar on Wednesday Dobby found out the spare set of strings she was given with her guitar last year are no good. Apparently you are supposed to take them out and stretch them now and then. Who would have thought? Anyway, the tutor couldn't repair her strings, so now we have to buy her a new set. Marion Shopping Centre used to have a music store. Not any more. Now I am not sure where to go to get some. You'd have thought the tutor could have done it and just charged us for the string, hey. But no. Always put pressure on stressed parents. Sigh.

Anyway, Friday night I had an offer of dinner with a friend and Lo! I actually went by myself. It was lovely. We went to Cafe Primo on Anzac Highway, and the queue was backed up out the door. It took us 20 minutes just to give our order. After us it actually got busier too. The people in front of us had to order special dietry foods and it took ages just for them.

Anyway, after getting a nice seat (next to a noisy baby with a hard toy to bang on the table) we sat down. Our meal was lovely, and we chatted until almost 9.00. How time flies!

Saturday I had an early start. I had to be in the city by 6.30am. It's still dark then! But it was well worth it. Mind you, it took awhile to get started. My first few shots would have been lovely if I had a tripod, but sadly I didn't and they all came out blurry.

Eventually when the sun broke through I could set my shutter speed a bit faster and got some lovely photos. Not perfect, but what do you think?

We took our time, wandering along the river bank. It was quite peaceful at that time of day, though there were plenty of early morning constitutionals making the most of the lovely weather.

Eventually we found ourselves back at the Rotunda in Elder Park, and after a few exercises with the tutor, we made our way to the cafe for a cuppa.

One exercise required us to find something we wouldn't normally photograph. I found these:

My teacher told me I had a good eye. Always reassuring, yes?

I think I left about 10.00am.

Then it was a quick trip home to relieve myself, wait for the kid to clean up her stuff and get ready, then off to Marion for school shoes. Fluffy did two loads of washing for me and cleaned up around the place. Then he played all day installing the reverse camera in the Falcon. It now has electric brakes, CB radio and reverse camera. Excellent!

As part of a school assignment, Dobby has to cook us a 3 course meal. Herself. With little guidance from me. How do you think that went? By Saturday lunch she hadn't even decided what to make.

Eventually before we set off for school shoes, she decided on an entree of prawn cocktail, and a main of her dad's favourite, meatloaf. No worries, I had most of the ingredients for that.

We got home and late in the afternoon I got her organised. Oh boy. That child is the most stubborn, pig headed student you could ever hope to teach. I wasn't allowed to do it for her, and every time I opened my mouth it caused a shouting match.

Anyway, we ended up with a very passable prawn cocktail:

Meatloaf with salad and hasselback potatoes:

Sara Lee Chocolate Pudding with home made custard:

I did the first load of dishes (out of necessity). Dobby had to do the rest. Do you think she liked that job? Haha. Never mind, it was a great meal.

Between main and dessert I stepped outside, and saw this:

Quite disappointed, though, as when I tried to do it again the clouds just zipped away, and the camera wouldn't cooperate with the settings I wanted. I gave up...

Tomorrow is Sunday, and I have the usual washing to do. Vacuum the lounge and I might just dig out the steam mop... on second thought, it's behind some stuff in the office so I think I'll just run the regular mop over the floor. Hopefully I can have a bit of a quiet one... see how we go, shall we?


Anonymous said...

love wally

Miss LJ said...

give winston music a go. they are not too far from you place :-)
love the pics too.. you really are getting good. xxx

SOL's view said...

Great photos. And you lucky thing. A three course meal!

Chris H said...

I would love to go to a photography course and learn more about my camera and how to take decent photos all the time! Lucky tart... ooo that food looks so yum... now I'm hungry! Ta.

Anonymous said...

Get the kid cooking more often! Love Rat