Wednesday, 2 March 2011


So I had a couple days off work sick this week. Monday was atrocious, but I had to go in because the boss wasn't there and I had to pay the end of month bills. When he came in after lunch, he made sure I did only what was necessary then went home, which I got to do about 3.30pm. Nice!

Tuesday I had the day off work. Aaah it was so nice to be able to sit on my fat backside and do nothing. I was not expected to do housework (but I did do a little anyway), I didn't have to go anywhere except take Dobby to school (she caught the bus home), and as Fluffy wasn't feeling great, I didn't have to cook anything extravagant for dinner. I did make scones though, which we had for afternoon tea. Dobby and I had some Birds Eye fish fillets and oven fries.

As I was feeling yuck I didn't go to my camera class. I believe we were looking at lenses anyway, and Fluffy said I should take a make up class, but I think I'll just arrive early next week and ask him what we went through, and if he could recommend a good zoom lens for me.

Wednesday I had the day off too (at the boss's insistence) and as Dobby woke up feeling poorly, I kept her home too. I took her up to the doctor because she has had this cold for a week but seemed to be getting worse. As the day progressed it was obvious she probably just needed a day home resting.

We had a couple of things to do after the doctor's appointment, after which we were really buggered. Home for lunch and a rest. It was such a nice day outside I decided to take the camera out and have a play. This is what I came up with.

This plant is inside on my kitchen window sill. Very hard to take a photo of it, with the lit window behind it. Took about 8 attempts.

Strangely enough, "shade"

takes a better photo than

"incandescent light"...

Finally got a reasonable shot after changing almost every setting.

This one was somewhat over exposed, but not too bad.

Action shot - took lots of these, this is just an example...

Close up nature shot. Not bad..

Back to work on Thursday. Still got the snots, but I couldn't justify another day off. As it turned out, it's just as well. Boss had to go back to Sydney Friday morning.

Work is a real bitch at the moment. Imagine two days off creating so much hassle! I am behind in almost everything, plus I have a couple of extra chores thrown in which need attention urgently. I even sent home files to work on. Not sure if I will though.

Friday was just plain flat strap. But, Fluffy had to go away for the weekend so Friday evening Dobby and I treated ourselves to Chinese takeaway and settled in to watch Inkheart. Not a bad movie really.

She is supposed to be cleaning her room. Her bed is cracked from being loose, but Fluffy couldn't get in there to fix it so it got very bad and split the wood. Now she has to clean up so we can get the bed out. She's been sleeping in the lounge all week.

The property adjoining ours has a carport at the back, which backs onto our side fence. Since before Christmas they have been telling our landlord that they are going to replace that portion of fence (people run into it, gravel works its way under it, and the fence is on quite a lean). So that's all go now. But, because of the dog, they didn't do it last week. No one told us anyway or we could have put him on a lead or made alternate arrangements for him. Stupid people.

On a rather sad note, South Australia buried a young soldier, killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan. I found this lovely article on is funeral, on the Adelaide Now website. Warning, tissues required. With Anzac day approaching, it makes you stop to think.

Saturday was a lovely relaxing day. With Fluffy away it's just Dobby and I. The fence bloke was supposed to turn up at 8 but didn't get here until 9.30. He got to work and Dobby did her room. I ducked out to do grocery shopping but that was it. I spent some time Saturday morning doing some work I bought home, but that only took an hour or so.

Saturday night we made home made pizzas with tortilla bases. They were soooo nice!

Sunday we slept in a little. Roger makes sure I don't sleep in past 7. He likes to come wake me up the little grot.

We had planned to have morning tea with my neighbour Marg, but Dobby got a request to go to her friend's house in the morning instead of afternoon. No worries. I thought I might take Marg to lunch. But she phoned to say she was sick. So I took Dobby up to Coromandel Valley, and then drove the hour out to North Haven and had lunch with Fluffy instead.

That was lovely, an hour of just sitting enjoying the day. Dog liked it too, he got to see his dad. Then on the drive back home I was so tired it was very hard to keep my eyes open. Once home I sorted Dobby's clothes out for her, and drove back up to Coromandel Valley to pick her up. She has been sick with a cold as well, feeling poorly, so it shouldn't have been a real surprise when she only ate one pancake at her pancake day celebrations with her friend. She would normally have about six!

Anyway, cleaned up then headed off to bed. This morning (Monday) poor Dobby is so tired. I think I might get the antibiotic script filled. She shouldn't still be complaining of chest constriction and be so tired. If they don't work it's back to the doc. She's going away this weekend so I hope she's better before that!


Chris H said...

SNAP! I have the snots AND I'm playing around with my new camera. lol
I hope Dobby gets better soon.
My son (#5) is ill too... snap again even though he's a boy! lol

SOL's view said...

Good snaps! And the photos look good too. :)

Shame about the illness. Glad you're back on deck. Gets boring when we can't chat. Lol.

Anonymous said...

love wally

JoeinVegas said...

So much sickness, and you are still in summer weather?
Thanks for more photos - keep practicing.