Monday, 28 March 2011

Over it

Yes, totally over it now. Things are not so grand in my house. Nothing I'm prepared to go into, but boy, life seems to spiral out of control sometimes.

I think this middle age stuff is not all it's cracked up to be. Lately I have been so tired, stressed, and grumpy. I am feeling very much dissatisfied with my life but lack the ability to change things. I am frustrated with other things I can't change, and this makes me resentful. I know, it's all in the attitude. But having a tolerant attitude and the ability to take it all in your stride is not going to change the things that need changing, and there-in lies the frustration.

So, we plod along, trying to avoid the big issues, until someone takes charge. I am thinking of another trip to the family counsellor we saw last year...

But, aside from that, it's been fairly quiet. Fluffy was invited to a boys night out on Friday. I do think that's great, he doesn't have a "boy" friend/s that he socialises with at all, in fact he really has no life. He works 6 days a week and the 7th is usually spent under the car, or sleeping.

So, Friday he takes himself over the other side of town for a sleepover. He wasn't going to drive home, and didn't want me to drive an hour each way, in the early hours of the morning, to get him. Apparently they watched a few movies and the footy on a 72" LCD screen set up in a home theatre. He wants one now... And, he bagged the couch to crash on. He was home by about ten on Saturday.

Then, after he and I ran some errands on Saturday, while Dobby was supposed to be doing her room and didn't, and took care of a few other bits and pieces, he had another night out. He was invited by one of his recruitment agencies, to the big Crows 20th reunion night at AAMI Stadium. I think he got home (after getting a lift, bless him), about 1.00am. Apprently it was a fantastic night, met some of the past players, and important people at the crows, had a great feed, watched the game from a corporate box, and then back to The Shed for a party after.

As he was getting up for work at six, I lay awake pondering how he was going to get there. I decided I'd drive him. After protesting somewhat I got him into the shower then drove him across town to work, cursing myself because I had not thought to bring my camera. I missed a wonderful opportunity to capture some early morning photos over Port Adelaide. Dammit.

The rest of Sunday for me, until I had to pick him up, was a complete lack of action. I sat on the couch most of the day. And enjoyed it.

The only other thing that happend through the week worth mentioning was my trip to the city on Tuesday night for some night photography. What do you think?

There are people crossing the road here, believe it or not!

Just playing with the lighting with this...

My favourite, this one...

You do know that this is why median strips were invented? Haha. I like this one too.

We've been spending heaps of money and shopping furiously for stuff for the van, but I think it's all there now. I ordered two sets of sheets and two blankets online the other night, but realised that they may not come in before the van does, so we headed to Designer Direct at Harbourtown yesterday and bought two cheap sets of sheets. At least we'll have some. Then, we'll just use those as spares.

Now we just count down till the 20th. Got the Fairmont all ready - electric brakes, CB radio, reverse camera. I think I will get the bonking noise in the front checked, and get them to check why it doesn't always start first go. Sometimes you need to put it in Neutral first, then back to Park. Hmmm.

And Fluffy has gotten the tow hitch all painted up, put in the outlets for the power and camera, and she's set up ready to go.

Counting down now...


SOL's view said...

Whoo! Excitement plus. Then you get to load all your stuff into the new van.

I love the clock tower. Great shot!

Anonymous said...

I like that photo too! Very spooky looking! Love Rat

Anonymous said...

love wally

JoeinVegas said...

Glad he got some time away. Looking forward to travels in the new one when you get it.

Your photos are looking pretty good - you do have a good eye for composition.