Monday, 2 May 2011

Nice and easy

So I don't have too much to write about this week. My last post was after the long weekend so since then not much has happened.

Work was only 3 days, which is always good. If I were in Qld I would also be at home today, but since that's not the case, I find myself writing this at work.

Dobby was home on holidays last week, complaining because she was bored. So what do bored teenagers do? Eat. Lots of it. I had to go do a grocery shop on the weekend. Whew that kid can clean out a pantry faster than I can fill it.

Prior to the long weekend I had bought her a couple of bras, but unfortunately one set of two were on the wrong hanger, and were indeed 10A sized instead of 14C. So on Wednesday I took them back. Now, I'm not sure how scanners work, but when we looked at the docket, the only entry for "2" of anything was the same brand as the bras, but scanned at $18.95.

When I returned them, the lass scanned them and they came up at $12.95. What the! Not sure how that happened but luckily she refunded me the total cost of $18.95. Unless they changed the pricing Easter Saturday...

Fluffy decided because he had a week off he'd work all weekend, so Dobby and I had to put up with each other. We do that a lot now. This Saturday, I charged her with cleaning her room while I nipped down to the chemist and cheap grocery shop next to the chemist. Then took off to Coles to do some grocery shopping. Gone for a while I was. Dobby's sort of done her room. As she had gotten lots of vouchers and things for her birthday I promised her I would take her shopping after I got home.

She wanted a friend to come too so she was waiting for said friend. Who didn't turn up. Nor did she leave her a message to say she couldn't make it. Given this girl's circumstances I really wasn't upset at her. And although Dobby was disappointed, she didn't make a fuss.

Because just before I left another friend's mum left me a message asking if Dobby could come over Saturday night for a sleepover. Naturally she accepted...

So, after we unpacked the groceries we headed down to Marion shopping centre. We decided to stop for lunch first and found a quiet expensive little cafe. Mind you, it was probably quiet because it was expensive, because the place was packed. I wonder what it is about rainy days that brings everyone to the shopping centres??

Anyway, we dined on lasagna and very tasty fries. Then I popped to Angus & Robertson (one of the few remaining) and bought myself two $12 crime books. Then we headed north to JayJays so Dobby could spend her $100 in vouchers she had.

We took our time. I scored several singlets and two tees from the $3.50 table (bargain!) and Dobby found two light jumpers, which came to a total of $34. I was very proud of her not spending all her money at once.

Back to Big W and a quick look for an album to start Mother's scrap book with. I have decided that for her 70th birthday next year I am going to put all her favourite pictures together in one place. She joked she'd be dead by then and wouldn't be able to enjoy it. That's ok, says I, I'll inherit it back, won't I? No worries, done deal! Haha.

Anyway, Dobby helped me choose a lovely purple and flowered album for $30 and then some pretty paper, a pack of 48 sheets for $11, and some of the paper even matched the album! Bonus!

A trip to Gloss to spend most of her voucher and we were knackered. We decided we needed a drink so stopped at Spargos, and I treated us to a glass of dessert - Black Forrest for me and Tirimisu for Dobby. She decided she doesn't like alcohol... it gave her a bit of an upset stomach. Neither of us could finish our dessert, they were both very rich.

Home again, and we had just enough time to drop off her stuff and grab her overnight bag before heading over to her friend's house for a sleepover. We passed Fluffy at the end of the street so exchanged a couple of quick words with him and we were off.

This poor friend has been celebrating her birthday since the Wednesday before, so at 2am was up throwing up. Too much sugar, not enough sleep, so she totally passed out Sunday morning. The mum (who doesn't live there, she was staying with Dad) phoned me to say she'd bring Dobby home as she lives near by. That was very nice of her I thought.

Fluffy and I had bacon and eggs for dinner Saturday night, and veged in front of the telly giggling our silly asses off to Funniest Home Videos. It was nice and relaxing.

Sunday he went to work again, and I did a little housework before Dobby came home. Then we pretty much did nothing. How lovely it is to sit around and not move for a while...

Sadly, though, it makes for a boring blog. But I think sometimes I would rather have a boring blog and hectic weekend, yes? Hope you don't mind though...


Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter if it's boring or exciting, it's still good to read about your adventures! Love Rat

Chris H said...

You two girls had a lovely time shopping/eating out didn't you!

Butterfly Kissez said...

I agree...boring or exciting it's always a great read!

*erchili* errrr.....chili...yuk!

SOL's view said...

Lol. Boring you say. But it's still more than I did! :)

Micki said...

It sounds like a really neat, busy day!