Monday, 19 December 2011

Almost there...

Wow, this year has certainly flown by. So busy getting Christmas out the way I just realised on the weekend I have to get myself organised to get up to Gladstone for mum's 70th birthday in March. We can't all afford to go, so for Dobby and I, flights into Rockhampton are going to set us back close to a thousand dollars. Into Gladstone itself will add another two hundred.

So, once there, we then have to book a little car, because we'll need to get around. Then, we'll need somewhere to stay. Accommodation is scarce as hens teeth up there at the moment. One of my best friend's will be away, the other only has a single bed.

And I believe my sister will be staying with mother so that rules that out. Sigh. Expensive birthday present! But, we made it up for Dad so we cannot afford not to go for mum.

So, this week has been busy. At work I was furiously getting caught up to date. I decided that because I'll be away as long as most of my customers, I am not going to stress about getting everything done. It will sort itself out. My big concern is getting November up to the accountant, but I can't do anything further with that (always waiting for people!). So, if its ready, it's ready. If not I do both Nov and Dec and take it up when I come back.

In other news, I had a couple more appointments to do with this trial I am doing for osteoarthritis. On Tuesday I had to go for a ECG. That was all good. Thursday I was to go up after work, but she called and asked if I could go at lunch time. Boss said ok, so off I went.

I had to fill out a form, have a blood pressure test, then in to get my needle in my knee. It hurt like a bitch, but what made it nice was the doctor, Martin. He wad from Argentina. Yummy!

I am not sure if I got the placebo or the real thing. From the x-rays they took, it looks like I have some issues on both knees, so I have been using my left knee as a guage. If the pain in the right is better than the left, perhaps I did have the real thing. Hard to tell, cause as any sufferer will tell you, you have good days and bad.

On top of this I have had serious issues with my back, which actually make my knee pain pale in comparison. I had a back x-ray (which cost a fortune and showed nothing, as opposed to the knee one, which was free and actually showed something!). Apparently there is no cause for my extreme pain. I have had two physio sessions. Each one makes some difference but over the days between it gets bad again.

I had to go back to the knee people on Friday for a quick ECG again, and some bloods. But I had to wait half an hour for the blood nurse to come back from a difficult patient. I hate that feeling, when you're supposed to be at work and something is taking your time. It's a guilt thing I guess.

Anyway, it's all good. Dobby had an appointment on Saturday with her psychologist. They both seem to think that she has the tools needed to deal with her anger. We'll see. But she did say that Dobby can come back anytime, she'll be happy to see her. I was lucky enough to grab a few minutes with my doctor and he burned off 4 sun spots. Two of them came up in HUGE blisters. Painful they were. Okay now though.

After her appointment I took her to a friend's place for a sleepover. That kid, you know, is always wearing jumpers and jeans, and it's the middle of summer!

I managed find a carpark at the local KMart and stopped in to pick up some cotton sheets for the van, a tri-pillow, and a light summer comforter for our bed. The frog blanket needs a wash and the only other one is a heavy winter doona. I put the sheets on the beds in the van and got that much done ready. Not much else to go now.

Anyway, Fluffy and I had a barbecue to go to. I wasn't really up to it, but we went anyway. The weather has been nasty so it was quite wet and stormy. The little room was crowded but most of our caravan crew was there so it was fun. It degenerated into a food fight (wouldn't expect anything else from our lot!) with peanuts and Jatz crackers being the projectiles of choice.

Fluffy went to work on Sunday so we left about 10.30. It was nice to have a couple hours spare time on Sunday morning. I stripped and remade our bed, but it was raining so the washing I did do had to go onto airers inside. Typical! So I settled in to catch a couple of episodes of Dexter. Just getting into it and it was time to pick up Dobby.

I took her shopping to pick a diary for her to write in (as per her psychologist) then home to face the rest of the housework. Although I did get most of it done the floors still need a vacuum. That's about it.

Now this week I just have to do the shopping for our trip, make sure the cat has food and kitty litter out ready for the lady who is coming to feed him, and I'm done. I sure do need this holiday. Four days of sitting and doing nothing at one caravan park. Then take the van across to another, meeting up with some of the club, get that set up, then bring Dobby back to town to meet up with her friends. She gets a week at Streaky Bay. We get five days with the club, then leave the van there and come back to work. The friday after we'll go back and stay the weekend, then bring the van back Sunday.

Really looking forward to it. Not sure what internet time I'll have to update here, so this may be my last post till we get back. I'll be on Facebook though! Catch ya soon!

If I don't get back here, Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and a happy and safe New Year! xxxx


SOL's view said...

Ahhhhh. Holiday. So much prep and then it's over so fast.

Yes, you have a great trip. I'm sure I'll remember to text you on Christmas Day .... fingers crossed. :)

JoeinVegas said...

Wow - airfare seems so much, I guess there is little competition and thus no drive to change prices.

Anonymous said...

HI Colleen,
CAn I suggest a good accupuncturist for your back. I had some neck issues this year, 6 months of continuous pain and headaches, and now that i have spent the time going to the accupuncturist, I am feeling so much better. I don't like physios much, and if they can't see anything on the X-ray then more that likely its nerve/muscle issue. If you want the details flick me a msg on Facebook.

Good luck getting everything organised this week - gonna be a big week for everyone I think!!

Chris H said...

I hope you and your family have had a wonderful Christmas!