Sunday, 11 December 2011


So now I know no one reads my blogs! I wrote an epic one and only got two comments. Sheesh, people! BTW, thank you to the two people who do read this :-)

Anyway, this week has been full on, and sadly next one will too. Not with interesting stuff, worth blogging about, just busy busy.

Last week Dobby had a trip to the zoo, and her final Cadets meet. Sadly, her zoo adventure gave her nasty chaffing so she could hardly walk, so had to forgo Cadets. She doesn't go back now till the end of January. Next year she has agreed to make the commitment to go as often as possible. With some gentle persuasion!

This weekend was nice. We had a send off bbq Saturday night for one of the caravan club members, before which I had a physio appointment, but more of that later. The party was fun, a few of us dressed up. We had 3 arabs, two ladies with burkas, a lady with a Dr Livingstone type outfit, and 3 soldiers. It was a great night, but a late night.

Saturday I was woken by the builders across the road at 6.30am. After not getting to bed till after midnight, I was none to pleased! But I had plenty to do. Dobby had to be up at Blackwood to the doctor by 9am, then we headed to maccas for breakfast. Then home to clean the house in preparation for visitors for nibblies and bbq at 4. That was a great afternoon. Just us and another couple. The weather got cold just before they left, around half nine.

Today was pure bludge day. Dobby and I went to the shop for some purple tulle (but that's a whole other story) and a Khris Kringle gift for her for school tomorrow. We took longer to get served at Spotlight then we did to find what we needed. Goodness it was busy. Needless to say, my back was killing me!

I have decided to partake in a medical experiment. It's to trial a new drug for osteoarthritis. It entails an injection in the right knee of a human stem cell product, and monitoring for the next month. We won't know if we have received the drug or a placebo, and nor will the people injecting us.

So last Thursday I went for a screening session. It involved filling out a quick questionnaire, and going for an x-ray on my knees and a blood test. I found out that I have bone on bone in both my knees. No wonder they are a tad sore.

The irony to all this? I am actually far sorer in my back. The pain level in my knees sits around 4 during activities, but otherwise doesn't bother me that much. I have difficulty standing up from seated on the ground (or in the tub) and I cannot kneel, and stairs hurt, particularly descending.

But lately my back has been so painful, it's brought me to tears of frustration. I finally made the time for a physio visit. He made me cry too! He gave me some pressure treatment and then acupuncture, and I have to go for an x-ray. I am going to have to schedule that for Tuesday, unless I am lucky enough to be able to get in Monday.

I also have to go back for an ECG on Tuesday morning before work. Then Dobby has her guitar on Wednesday, I have to go at 4pm for the injection Thursday, followed by a physio appointment, then back for a follow up for the injection on Friday after work, followed by a trip to the hair dresser! Whew!

Then Dobby has a doctor appointment Saturday lunchtime, after which she may be going for a sleepover. Saturday evening is a bbq for us with some of the caravan club folk and others.

I think I need a holiday!


SOL's view said...

My heavens! And that's all scheduled for NEXT week. Whew. *exhausted*

The photos from the dress ups look good. :)

Chris H said...

Sorry if I've not been commenting... nowdays I pretty much only have one day a week where I blog read and comment! so busy right now.
Anyway.... love the photos.

Anonymous said...

I read your last post, I just didn't leave a comment!Does that mean you might have to get bionic knees down the track? I've got a touch of arthritis in the hips but doesn't bother me at all. Like your new background! RAT

Anonymous said...


I read your blog and I enjoy it! Sorry just not much of a commenter. My name is Merryn anyway, I'm 24 and I live in NZ. Hope your back gets better! Back pain can be nasty.