Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Go fly a kite

So, this last week has been a nightmare. Because I took two days off work at the most crucial time, and because of things happening at work, and because I got sick and was told to take a day and a half off, I am so far behind I could easily just curl up and pretend I don't exist.

And to make matters worse, the geek has to give me an unlock key for a program he has updated half way (I'm on a trial version until he can give me the full version), and he's offline. I need to use that program today to get myself anywhere near caught up. Sigh...

Anyway, this last weekend was the Adelaide Cup long weekend here. Which, of course, means a caravan rally! This time we headed more than 3 hours north east to Cobdogla. Cobdogla is a little place on the Murray River, population about ten I think! There are a few towns close by, but this place has a pub, and a rail museum.

We headed up after work on Friday, arriving in the dark at 9pm. Would have been a little sooner but Fluffy was pulled over for speeding. He was doing 90 in an 80k zone. But the copper was nice, letting him off with a warning. Fluffy copped lots of flack back at camp :-)

Saturday dawned sunny and cool. Perfect sleep in weather. But no, the girls, having gone to bed relatively early, were up just after 7. I crawled out of bed and up to the shower, feeling a tad more normal after.

We didn't have much planned for Saturday, with Kids Club being changed to Sunday due to the organiser being late arriving. There was plenty of time to sit and relax.

Dobby and Lawsy (her friend from Cadets who came with us), decided after lunch to go kayaking. The caravan park had kayaks for hire, but one of the other families invited the girls to go out with them in their spare kayak. Actually, there were 3 adults and the girls.

Do you think they're having fun?

One of the other adults was giving them a hard time so they decided to tip him into the water by ramming his kayak. He had a spot of trouble getting back up but soon found his way.

But in true good sport form, he soon got his revenge...

There was a lot of tipping out after that. Looked like a lot of fun from where I was standing (which, I might add, was safely out of the water on the shore!)

The club put on a bbq dinner Saturday night, so we all sat around and chatted, while the kids played Spotlight, running about like mad people. There were 19 children at this rally, plus the two vans behind us had a handful as well. Quite the noisy place to be.

There was a spectacular sunset happening over the river, too, which I took advantage of.

I like this one the best... see the stars?

Sunday was quite as well. After morning tea there was time to relax. The lass who was running Kids Club took a drive into Banrock Station, a local winery (see here), and was taking orders. A lot of the girls drink Moscato, including SOL and Moose, so I asked her to pick up a red and a pink for me to try. She also brought back some merlot for Fluffy.

In order to pay her I needed to find an ATM, and was directed to the club down the street. We went for a walk, deciding also to visit the rail museum. Just as we got there, the little train was getting ready to leave so we jumped on for a ride. It was just a little short ride around the back of the place and through the winery district. Very enjoyable.

After the ride we wandered around looking at the machinery. Cobdogla was famous for inventing the Humphrey pump, which helped irrigate the surrounding districts for a very long time.

After lunch the kids gathered for Kids Club. This time they made kites. And they were great! They flew too. The kids ran around with those kites all afternoon until the icecream truck came by...

After kids club was dinner (we joined Leanne and her parents) at the local club, then it was time for the social. We all gathered with a camera, torch, and a pen. We were given a sheet of questions/things to find or do, and off we went. We got one question wrong so we missed out, but it was a lot of fun.

Along the way there was time for another lovely sunset...

Eventually it was time for bed. Dobby joined a couple of friends she hadn't seen for a while, and Lawsy joined some new friends she had made. That left Fluffy and I childless. So I went to bed early... he was busy playing with the big boys, seeing who could peel the paint off the games room wall I believe... phew!

Anyway, Monday was pack up and come home time. We left around 11.15, and were home at 2.30. Long drive, but relaxing all the same. Two loads of washing and I was done!

Anyway, this weekend will be busy, and this week will be flat out. I think I need a holiday...


SOL's view said...

Ah nothing like the distraction of the ice cream van!

Sounds like a great trip away.

Anonymous said...

What did you think of the moscato? Banrock station is one of my favourites after Brown Bros! Tried a genuine italian moscato the other night.It was nice too! RAT

Chris H said...

What fun! We love kayaking too.