Sunday, 25 March 2012

Counting down

That's what I'm doing, counting down until next weekend. Dobby is going for a 2 night bivouac for Army Cadets. She's been a right handful recently.

Anyway, to recap my week. Work. Work, sleep, work... that about sums it up. Dobby was supposed to be packing and organising herself. But, as teens are want to do, she left everything for this weekend. She got her webbing and a bag from cadets on Tuesday so I told her to go through the list and see what she needed. I also told her to clean her room as this was the last weekend for it to be done. But, that hasn't happened either.

Yesterday I asked her to pack then do her room. She took 4 hours to almost pack. As she went I was able to get her to mark off the things she needed. One of them is a waterproof sleeping bag. Well, today proved that no such animal exists. We went all over town looking for something suitable. The only water resistant ones are very expensive. She is taking the one from the van...

We did pick up a few other bits and bobs. She has packed. Mostly. Still a few things scattered around the lounge, which is driving me insane. Lazy thing she is. The room didn't get touched.

I had visitors for a bit today and I was quite ashamed at the state of my house. There never seems to be enough time in the day. I did get the floors washed but that's all.

This week I have a meeting on Thursday, Dobby has cadets on Tuesday, and guitar on Wednesday. Sigh. But, Friday she goes. Late though. 7.30. I hope they get there while it's still light out. They have to rig up a hootchie to sleep under. I also hope it doesn't rain because they'll all get soaked. Oh well. Toughen them up I guess...

I've been feeling somewhat crabby lately. Today I was ready to kill someone I was that annoyed. Eventually I calmed down but buy, I just want to scream with frustration sometimes. Don't know why. Stressed maybe? I don't think I can talk to Fluffy about it because he is under so much pressure himself. Work for him is an endless round of disputes, complaints, and men acting like children. He doesn't need to hear my prattle either.

So I'll just battle on. Try not to lash out, and try to hide myself here in the office working on pages for mum's scrap book. Yes, I did finish it, but now I'm doing the birthday party. Hopefully they'll come out okay.

Well, time to go make a cuppa then run the bath I guess. Hopefully that will ease the aching joints and soothe the grumpy mind... that and the bar of chocolate I have stashed in the freezer. Sure to help anyway...


SOL's view said...

Not a good week for you. Here's to hoping this week will be better.

Yay for chocolate in the freezer. Hopefully it's still there!

Chris H said...

Sorry to infer it wasn't OK to have a baby in a caravan!
But.. you should have seen the van she was in!
It was is a disgusting condition, was dank and damp, and the bed was riddles with bed bugs.
Lacy is covered in bites.