Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Christmas, every dieter's Nightmare!

You know, there is something to be said for a quiet Christmas at home, just me, Him and Jr Her. The big baked dinner always comes out, but there is no social life, nibblies at parties, cake at morning tea. Only the bowl of lollies put out to nibble on through the day, and the lavish helpings of custard on the Christmas pudding for the next 3 days.

But when you are visiting family there always seems to be something. This time, Jr Her stayed at mum and dad's for the week, so Him and I got some valuable "us" time. We ate out every night (except for a bbq Christmas night at the out-laws, and a wonderful ham, chicken and salad dinner with friends on the Tuesday). We had lunch at the only eatery at the shopping centre a few times, and generally spent a lot of time walking around hand in hand like we used to ten years ago.

It is quite hard to find low fat food when you are away from you safety zones. And when you have to be careful what you eat, such as lots of moist gravy, no bread, small portions, it can be very difficult. For example, I once ordered just a small portion of roast pork smothered with gravy. She charged me the whole $6 cost of a sandwich, gave me way too much pork and drizzled the gravy on top. It was so dry I couldn't eat more than a few forkfuls. Pity.

And Christmas Lunch arrived so late I had just about eaten an arm before it was served. It was roast as well, thankfully done to perfection, but I could only eat a small amount because it was so dry. The dessert was shared with my mother (who didn't order any). Poor Him came down with the flu and we had to rush off anyway. But after painkillers and a little rest he bravely spent the rest of the day at his parents. What a trooper! His brother, future sister-in-law and 6 kids were there, as well as another brother, his wife and two daughters. It was quite a full house, but there was plenty of food flowing, and plenty of pavlova afterward. Two huge meals, lots of dessert, and lots of nibblies in between...

I think we will spend Christmas by ourselves this year...seems the safer thing to do...

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