Monday, 12 March 2007

This is harder than I thought...

Well, the weeks are flowing by, and you are cruising happily along. Mind you, you can still consume quite a large amount of food! Christmas means a trip north to warmer climes to visit family and you can't wait to show them how good you look.

But as the days fly you don't feel quite like you should...those pants still fit exactly the same way..oh dear...

Wonder if the new temp job at that confectionary company has anything to do with it. You know, the one that leaves chocolate samples on the desk behind you, on the reception desk, in every office...even on your desk regularly...

You know, they make a really yummy peppermint cream that just melts in your mouth, and unfortunately is very moreish! As you pop that tiny delight into you mouth, you close your eyes, sigh at the exquisite taste, and vow that this will be your last...And it is, till the next one!

Then for Christmas you receive a 36pack of sugar free softdrink (you made sure you at least chose sugar free), and a HUGE ham your family of 3 couldn't hope to get through in a month, and a stocking for Jr Her. Add said stocking to the Chrisco Hamper of chocolate, chips and softdrink that arrived a little while ago, and you are all set...nothing like a bit of temptation to challenge any fat chick.

Just before your Christmas holiday you have another appointment with the doctor. This one you are dreading...those pants are not getting any looser. With some trepidation you step up on the scale, shaking like a leaf, making jokes to distract the doctor.

The verdict is in. While you didn't put on a single kilo, you also didn't lose any. A verbal smack across the knuckles, another ml of fluid injected into your band, and you are on your way, tail between your legs, up to visit family for the Festive Season.

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