Friday, 15 June 2007

Winter is here!

One single degree. Only one. That's what the thermometer was reading on my front porch this morning. Brrrr! It is fair to say Winter has arrived. It has been getting steadily cooler lately but this one has really sprung itself on us unsuspecting sods. Our days have finally fined up to brilliant sunshine but man, it's weak as water. It fails to penetrate the icey chill of winter air.

My dad would be texting me to ask how the frost is down on the pumpkins if he had seen the weather reports. Funny that he hasn't yet...And there was frost on the pumpkins. Well, there would have been if the itchy grubs hadn't eaten them all a few years ago. It is funny to step outside and see a white lawn. Luckily the front half of the car, which is a temporary loan car, but that's another story, is parked under the car port (the caravan takes up the rest) so it is spared the icey windows.

Today I came to work in pants, shoes, socks, long sleeved top, cardigan, suit jacket, scarf and gloves. And I really needed an overcoat! I have a bit of a walk from the car down to the office and after thawing nicely in the car it is quite a rude shock to be outside in the shade again!

But, with the bad comes the good - weekends cuddled up under the quilt in the loungeroom watching DVDs, or dinner at an out of town pub in front of the log fire...that reminds me, I must book a table for tomorrow night...

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