Saturday, 9 June 2007

So ends an era

Well, this week will see the end of six and a half wonderful years. We were only going to look. That's the truth. Just look. But deep in my heart I knew it wasn't going to end there.

We did it. We have bought a new car.

There will be tears of sadness when we are forced to say goodbye to the most faithful and trusted member of the family, but it's time to move on.

While our faithful Magna Solara, Glacier Green, red highlights and red and white number plates, was being serviced, we wandered over to have a look at the new 380 Platinum. I swear we were only going to have a look. I decided I liked a colour called Storm. Very deep greeny grey. Quite pretty.

But then we test drove the Sales Manager's VRX. Leather seats, sun roof, 2800km on the clock and a brand new on road price of $45,000. Apparently they have 4000km to sell their issued vehicles or they do not get new ones. The salesman wrote a price on a piece of paper and we went away to think about it.

We even went to look at the Commodore Wagon they are advertising for a reasonable price. But it just didn't do for us what the VRX did. With the trade in on our Solara, we could afford to put in the Blue Tooth (which was one of the few features the Platinum has which the VRX did not, along with rear parking sensors) and a Sat Nav DVD player system. As well as getting the tow hitch and electric brakes fitted. Still under what we would have paid for a new Platinum. In fact, still under $30,000!

The draw back (and there is always one) - its plain old silver. Sigh. But as I told Him, I am prepared to live with it. As a concession, he has put it in both our names, and allowed me to order Personal Plates (silver with black writing). When we get the car and get the plates fitted, I will post photos for my avid readers!

Jr Her is happy because it has a sun roof (which she has always favoured since driving with a friend whose vehicle at the time had one) and rear air vents (sadly lacking on the Solara). She just has to now keep her feet off the leather seats.

Very comfy inside, lovely to drive, and handles beautifully. And only heading into its 3rd month so practically brand new. Now I am looking forward to driving a new vehicle again (it even still smells new) but not looking forward to the Gestapo doing the rounds of the vehicle after each day out. And the constant criticism of the state of the car (because I don't look behind me to see what a mess Jr Her has made in the back each trip). Never mind his company car looks like someone had a party in it....

Think I'll celebrate tomorrow and treat myself to a special piece of Jewellery at my jewellery party...either that or an extra Snake lolly...

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