Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Out with the old, in with the new

Lets see...did anything interesting happen to me this week? Only taking posession of our new car! Man, what a car! I thought the old Magna drove like a dream, but this one, she floats.

It feels odd when you first get in the car because the driver's seat seems quite high, like you are sitting in a truck! Add to that the sat nav system blocks out part of the rear view mirror, and you get the idea that it's not that easy to see things. That and the foggy rear window as it's SO BLIMMIN COLD!

This new climate control is great! Set that temperature and never have to touch it again! Only draw back - leather seats are cold first thing in the morning...brrrr!

I promise, when we get two more things done to the car I will upload photos for you to drool over....


SOL's view said...

I'm waiting *tapping foot* Well, where are the pics???

Froggy said...

stay tuned for my next exciting that i have the car back!