Thursday, 13 September 2007

Pain? What Pain?

What is it with kids that they only feel pain when it suits them? Jr Her has hurt her hip. She actually did it a few weeks ago during a Jump Rope For Heart thingy at school. At her last school she was on the jump rope jr's team, and one of the best, I might add. We were very proud.

When she started at her new school two years ago she was mortified they didn't have a jump rope team. The seniors at her old school actually competed against other schools. Well, along came the Jump Rope for Heart event and she had a chance to show the other kids how good she really is.

But then came the pain. For a couple of weeks I convinced her she had pulled a muscle in her hip. Sometimes she would be almost in tears, but still I thought it was a torn muscle. So, after being told on no uncertain terms that she wanted to go to the doctor, I relented (being the good mother that I am) and took her to the physio.

He poked and prodded, twisted and bent, until he suggested she had a weak hip, a common condition in young girls between about 8 and 12. Something called Perthe's. Anyway, I was to take her to the doctor to get a scan done. So off we go to the doctor, and she has another poke, prod and twist, and writes up the paperwork. When we got the x-rays back, they asked if she had ever had surgery cause there was something on the pictures. Looks like a piece of cotton to me, but who knows?

Then, back up to the doctor we go, to be seen by yet another health care professional, although this one had a wicked sense of humour. He asked Jr Her if she could walk like Carlie Chaplin. She did, he told her she had to walk like that all the time now. Just joking, says he. When asked if she could get out of karate, he said he had a black belt. Then proceeded to lift up his shirt, and comment that it wasn't black it was brown. Funny guy.

Anyway, turns out she has Bursitis in the tissue around the bone. He said she will be out of action for about six week. Six weeks of no karate she says! It hurts too much to do karate!

So being the good parents we are we let her off for the last couple. Her school had it's sports day today, and she was really looking forward to competing in almost everything, including some running that would have once made me blanch (being the sprinter that I was, anything over 100m was just tooooooooo far...) Along with a skipping demonstration during the lunch break.

We told the teacher she could run in two races but that was all. However, she continued to improve and protested that she was no longer sore, and could do everything just fine. We relented...

Today I received a call at lunch time from the teacher. She has hurt her hip to the point of tears. Sigh. She had gone in quite a few events, but the strain was just too much. She was told to relax and sit the rest of the day out. The teacher was going out to tell her she could turn the rope in the skipping but was not to participate.

Him says he will be speaking to her tonight about his disappointment she went behind out back and did more than we actually let her. I was just worried she has done some more damage.

....the teacher did also mention that she broke the high jump record though....(that's my girl!)

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SOL's view said...

Well, some of us just like to find out our physical limits by ourselves. Like, you can't jump that far out of a bus after all.....