Tuesday, 9 October 2007

IT Updates

So, after putting me off yet again, twice more in fact, I finally managed to see him yesterday.

The problem with that is, it wasn't convenient. In fact, my office mate had even locked the door in case he "dropped in". He stood me up on Thursday, and sent me an email saying sorry, he would be there 12.30 Friday. Well, surprise surprise he didn't show, and didn't call.

Imagine the tizz my office buddy got into. That man presses her buttons something chronic! If it weren't so enraging it would be hilarious actually. One only has to mention IT and it send her face purple. haha.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. Yesterday, about ten past ten, up he rocks, no apology, no explanation, nothing. Just waltzes in and expects us to drop everything and cater to him.

I gave him my list of expectations, most of which he just brushed off with some lame comment, which I think meant he couldn't fix them, and quickly repaired a couple of other minor issues. My office buddy was on the phone or we would have looked at her computer to see just what I was babbling on about.

We did agree that when the new edition of Office comes out this month we would look at upgrading my Mac, but at what charge I am wondering. Boss can figure that one out. We also agreed that he would look at upping the spam filters on Boss and Office Mate's computers as they get 100+ junk emails per day.

Anyway, after all this, we set a new appointment time for Monday, at which point I asked him why he kept fobbing me off. I reminded him I pay him as much as his other customers, but he doesn't put them off like he does me. What did I ever do to him? Point taken, he replies. I may fob you off again, says he, but I will phone next time. Thank you, says me.

After all that, office mate cracks a mickey, why does he need to come back at all? do we really need to set up this new programme before Boss gets back? Well, leave the IT geek to me, and I will make executive decisions. Live with it. But anyway, at the end of the day, I asked him to bring the printer cartridge with him when he came next. He sends me an email suggesting I can buy it from this particular store, and they will deliver.

I reply emailed with "Thanks for that. You told me when you dropped off the printer manual that you would look after that, that it was your job..." Will be interesting to see what he says about that...

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SOL's view said...

Well, you really are having fun with this lame@$$ aren't you. If he doesn't know how to fix the problem, why doesn't he just say so, do some research, try some things or refer you to someone who may? Sounds like one of those unregulated jockeys who do 6 months at some backyard course, get a piece of paper, then set themselves up in business.

Oh, it wasn't a chat invite. I was just looking to see if she was where she said she hangs out. And she wasn't. Fibber.