Friday, 26 October 2007

All quiet on the home front...

Well, things are cruising along nicely. Him is still in the van but we are a lot more open with each other, and we have had some great conversations. We still need to formulate a plan to deal with issues as they arise, but we have managed to handle the couple that have so far.

We have both managed to pull our heads in instead of starting a fight and we realise what causes the arguments and try to stop them before they start.

In Him's defence, he does come out to sit with us, but most of the time we are not doing anything he wants to do, what I mean is, I am on the computer and Sam is watching some drivel on TV. So he wanders back to bed. Sometimes he will come into the computer room with me but there is only one chair and he gets bored.

Last night I went to check the emails but he didn't hear me so thought I was playing on the computer again. We had agreed we would sit together watching TV. So, he thought I was doing something else and went back to bed. I went and got him and we ended up watching TV together until it was time for him to get ready for work. He likes to stay in bed because he doesn't always sleep properly and by staying in bed at least gets the rest he lacks when he gets up.

Well, we will see what the weekend brings. Hopefully lots of time to talk and relax. We are going for a walk tonight while Jr Her goes to Karate. That will be nice. He isn't working either so we can relax afterwards. I like relaxing...always up for that...

Will keep you posted...Oh, and to all of you, thanks for your support, it means a lot.


Anonymous said...

hooray!! a happy ending!! well i hope it keeps going down the good road for you :-D

Leanne said...

Good to hear that you guys are communicating OK, and have learnt how to stop a fight from starting - thats a great achievement.

Hope that you have a good weekend together, and enjoy having a bit of time just the 2 of you.

It is so great to hear that you both are trying to sort things out... you never know he might be back in the house soon. Keep at it.

Thinking of ya mate, and hoping it will all work out.

Ain't this rain lovely at the moment... wet stuff out the sky... who would have thought it would happen!!

ALSO, I have changed blog address: so I hope that you will come visit me there. Had a small problem with my receptionist snooping.... and finding something she shouldn't have - so I thought a new blog was in order.

Take care!!