Saturday, 23 February 2008

On the move

Well, just a quickie this morning. We are on the move to Chirstchurch first thing this morning, as soon as I get back downstairs to move the troops anyway.

The wedding was lovely, relaxed and absolutely perfect. We couldn't have asked for better weather, and the celebrant and his wife have become friends. They want to keep in contact, and were tickled when we went back yesterday and showed them the slideshow of photos we received. They have never seen photos from past the ceremony of any of their weddings before. They also said next time we were here (which may just be next year) to look them up and they will look after us.

After the ceremony and photos we wandered back to the hotel for lunch (the restaurant was desserted). It was the perfect way to slow things down. Then we went back to the room for a rest, and back to town for a walk later. While there we stopped to watch a street show and Him got roped into helping.

Yesterday we just walked around town for the day. Lots of rest, relaxation and television on this trip.

As I said, this morning we are back on the road. We should be in Christchurch by evening (like going from Gladstone to Brisbane). Hopefully I can get to a computer very soon to give you more updates. Sorry it's a bit boring, but I only have two minutes left on my email time before I have to buy more ($5 for 30 mins).

Check back with you soon!


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Anonymous said...

glad it all well excellent. safe travels love wally