Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Tripping around

Well, still here in beautiful Queenstown. So far we have managed to drive up to Lake Wanaka (where it cost $100 for two bags of groceries!), walked around every street (almost) of Queenstown, and driven all the way to Dunedin.

We have met the celebrant and the photographer, and checked out the gardens for the perfect spot for tomorrow. The weather has been so beautiful. Lots of chilly nights and cold mornings but outside at the moment it is actually about 35 degrees.

Jr Her has been mucking up a bit, as usual, but I think a lot of that is our poor eating habits. Lots of snacks on the run, and toasted sangers for dinner. I did splurge and buy a mixed salad for dinner tonight and tomorrow. Him and Jr Her are quite happy with toasted sangers though. We have eaten some lovely food like, lets see free chocolate.

That's right, free. We went to the Cadbury Confectionary factory in Dunedin yesterday. Drove for three and a half hours to do so too. Apart from look around two city blocks, that's all we did. It was quite interesting though, and we got some pick and mix chocolates from it. There is also a shop, and some things were a little cheaper than in-store, like the family blocks for $2.39. Bought two of those.

The dryer in the room doesn't work either, so we have had to make use of the laundry dryer. It normally costs, and if they try to charge our room, I will jump up and down. But the washer in our room works just fine (whew!)

I know some of you have had trouble trying to text me on the New Zealand number I set up, but don't despair. You can just leave comments here and it will be fine. If you need to contact us in an emergency, we are at the St Moritz Queenstown until early Saturday, then Oaks on Cashel Christchurch until 27 Feb, then from 28 Feb until 7 March we will be at Puka Park Resort on the Coramandel Peninsula. Sorry I can't be more specific.

We are taking plenty of photos, in fact, we need to buy another photo card! We have run out of room on the camera already! Horror! I think I have also conned the celebrant's wife to act as camerman tomorrow.

Well, getting all excited now. Must make sure the hair is perfect, the make up is on straight, and remember to shave tonight...

Catch you all in a couple of days.



Anonymous said...

hello love. poor ma has been desperately trying to call your number all morning and panicing becuase she cant get through. i told her i could leave a message on your blog, just to go in and read that thats exactly what you suggest!! ha ha great minds eh? so: we love you and all the very best wishes for 11.00 today - we will be thinking of you, and wishing we were there!!! xxxxxxx

SOL's view said...

Today being the 21st because I am somewhat slow. Hope everything works out really well for you.

Long live memory cards.


Anonymous said...

hello there, Mrs Colleen Barnett... xx

Anonymous said... from wally