Friday, 8 February 2008

Not long to go...

Are you as "over" this wedding as I am? I realised yesterday that in two weeks I will be married. Yes, at the tender age of 40 I will be a first time bride. Shocking.

I was so unenthused last night I could barely summon the effort to open the gift given to me by my boss (who couldn't wait until the reception in April, and lets face it, nor could I cause my frying pan is broken). I just looked at it and felt horrible.

Why? Well, weddings are supposed to be fun, family, romance, exciting, blah blah blah. But mine is just fighting, quick, no real planning, and lonely. There, I said it. It is very hard doing this alone.

There are now family issues which I wont go into, and don't want to get involved in, but as a surrogate member of the family, I feel like I am in the middle. Actually it doesn't have anything to do with me really and I can walk away. But I like the member concerned and don't like to see bad feelings.

I got the wrap from the dressmaker last night too. It's not exactly what I was looking for cause it is only one sided, so I would have to be careful how I drape it or you will see the hem and seams. And it will be way too light for the weather I think too. But it will have to do. I just don't have any more time to organise anything else. If it isn't done by now, well, it doesn't need to be done.

Oh, I do have to book the meal menu for the reception. But I am getting told no cake, no table decorations etc. The bombonaires are a gift from a friend, or there wouldn't be any of those either. Now, I realise this is supposed to be a simple get together, but part of the above fight is that the said member wasn't coming because he thought it was a simple gathering, not an official reception. People are offended because said member isn't coming, yet states that that is all it is...a simple get together that has blown out of proportion. And why has it blown out of proportion? Because I wanted something worth remembering for me and my guests. Still, no big flash stuff, no cake, no speeches, no toasts, nothing. Just lunch. The end.

Anyway, I am just "over" the whole thing myself now, and just want it to be over so I can get on with life.

Nice, hey?


SOL's view said...

Tch. Don't worry, that's the stress talking. I know, been there plenty times. By the time the darned thing is organised, you are just soooooo over it!!

Don't worry 'bout the politics. I will be there with my entourage, and that's all that counts.

Love you.

SOL's view said...

PS. Don't get mushy. Can't have the ink on the monitor running, now can we.

Miss LJ said...

Oh... thats not sounding so good!! Why do people have to be so difficult!! And why shouldn't you be able to have a day to remember for you and your guests??! This family member sounds like a pain in the bum (sorry).

Well, at least Sol(comment above) is going to be there for you... and I do hope that you have a lovely time!!

Would love to see some piccy's at some stage too. And I'm sure you will look gorgeous in your dress and wrap.

Wedding jitters... I wonder if I will ever be in a situation where I will have them? Don't worry, I'll probably be a bride at 40 too!!!

Take care!!!


The Elder said...

yeah. don't worry. we'll be there to distract you from any badness..... even if we are gonna be a little late.....

meh. don't stress yourself out. u'll only end up feeling depressed and sick and horrible for it.

worst comes to worst, indulge in a nice book and have a fresh fruit smoothie, pamper yourself.

whenever i'm feeling down, i look at funny talking animals on youtube. or people falling over. it makes me feel better to know that my idiotic moments aren't caught on camera for the whole world to see....

and it could be worse... the sheep coulda all taken over NZ with their zombie-like ways, halting any travel plans whatsoever...