Sunday, 17 February 2008

We made it!

Greetings earthlings! Hello from way over here in New Zealand! It seems strange to be so far from home, in fact in an entirely different country, yet everthing is much the same (except twice the price).

We have had an interesting journey so far. Flew for about a million years to get into Auckland, but arrived safely, took a courtesy bus (???) into the hotel, and found the restaurant fully booked for dinner. By this time it was half past seven local time, so we had to walk ten mins down the road to the local servo for fried chicken (very tastey).

While there a lovely couple of Maori's wandered in and started a fight. Well, he did. She was the butt of it. The big fella was going to punch the living daylights out of the attendant (missed what that was about). His woman decided to try stop him and ended up on the receiving end of some lovely threats. Tears were shed and someone asked Him is he saw anything (I had my back turned the whole time...)

Anyway, we had dinner, walked back to the hotel, and it rained. Of course it did. We had to get up before 5am next morning to catch the plane to Queenstown, but made it just fine, flew into Christchurch for a 20 minute stopover, and on to Queenstown.

What a wonderful view! Coming over the mountains was so lovely, except for the running commentary the American lady behind us was getting from a native New Zealander. We booked into the motel about ten, and it was even ready and waiting (did you know they put a welcome message onto the Television in your room when you log onto pay tv? Nice!)

They also have parking for only $5 per day, valet if we choose for no extra charge! Very lovely people behind the reception desk too. Can't recommend it enough. Slight hitch in that our mobile phones don't work (Sol, can you and miss Moose tell old folks we are temporarily out of touch thanks?) But the town is beautiful and the hotel is close to the centre of town.

We have also partaken in a couple of local adventures, like riding the sky gondola, and Jr Her and Him also did the jet boat ride today. I do have photos but you will lhave to wait. We didn't bring the lap top so can't attach any photos till I get home (sorry...wasn't supposed to be that way). My fault for suggesting we leave the lap top at home.

I will keep you all up to date as I can, but like I said, no photos just yet. We are meeting tomorrow with the celebrant and hopefully the photographer, and today picked a spot for the ceremony.

Well, will keep you all up to date as we go.

Cheers from Queenstown! xxx


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear you made it a ok! If I don't catch up with you beforehand I hope all goes well for you guys on your big day and hope Jr her has a wonderful birthday. Can't wait to hear all about it when you come back.

Cheers from the temporarily unemployed (until tomorrow) couple!!!


Anonymous said...

we were sitting here at home wondering how things went. but ma said today that you managed to phone. glad you're enjoying - cant wait for the piccies. make sure you take lots of them!! xx

SOL's view said...

Hope you're having a good time. I tried to text, but the number wouldn't work. So, haven't forgotten you completely. Yet. =D