Monday, 24 March 2008

Happy Easter!

So, I hope the Easter Rabbit was good to you. The Easter Bunny in this house jumped the gun a little. He bought the eggs the weekend before Easter, and when he put them out over the weekend, he found the hot weather had ruined them. Very sad he was.

He has spent $18 on a lovely one for Him, the most he ever spends but it was worth it (at the time) and now it is all run and melted...looks very sad. But him reckons he will just break it up into a bowl and munch on it anyway.

And Jr Her isn't fazed at all. So long as she has chocolate she ain't fussy on what it looks like, bless her. I also found out that the chocolate hearts I bought for the wedding tables had gone white too, but a test taste found them to be very sweet and creamy, quite delicious!

We also had another drama over the weekend. Him decided to boost our RAM in our home computer, and also buy me a video card, as I had games that I hadn't been able to use due to no video card.

So Him packed up the box and took it to work on Thursday. Friday lunch he phoned the fellow fixing it only to find he had been trying to get hold of him since Thursday night. Turns out Him's mobile phone was playing up, and he wasn't receiving messages or calls. Some of the messages this guy left were quite colourful!

But I digress. It turns out the extra RAM didn't fit, and nor did the video card. We forgot our machine was a Compaq, which has the video card attached to the mother board. It was very small, which is why it wouldn't run the games.

Don't worry, says the fellow, I have a similar box here with a newer, faster system, and a bigger video card. I will put your stuff into that box.

Next thing we get a call that it won't boot up. He had to format the hard drive, and load all new software onto the machine. Of course, there are always ups and downs to this.

UPS: We now are running the latest Windows XP, Microsoft Office, and Internet explorer, latest software for Nero etc. So it's just as well we bought the new RAM in the first place, or we wouldn't have had enough to run all this stuff! I can now play two of the three games I had (I can't play one because the new system still doesn't have a big enough video card, but never mind).

DOWNS: We lost everything we had stored on the hard drive. So, I don't have anyone's email addresses, you will have to give them to me again! (Except Wally and SOL, that is) My email address is if you need it...

However, as luck would have it, just the weekend before, we had dropped in on the spur of the moment to JB Hi Fi, and bought ourselves a 250G external hard drive...and loaded all our holiday and wedding, and previous photos and documents onto it!!! How lucky was that!!!!

Whew! So now I have a you-beaut, fast system that goes like the clappers, and all new software, so no excuse not to keep up with my blog, hey....:-)

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SOL's view said...

No. No excuse at all. *jealous*