Thursday, 20 March 2008

I was going to write Ho Hum but I've used that...

Well, I can't really say Ho Hum anyway. That would imply boredom. I simply haven't had time to be bored.

I know it's been awhile since my last blog, but when we got back from NZ I discovered our housesitter had used quite a lot of our internet usage allocation. We had only a week to go on our billing account, but almost 80% had been used, so I had to curb my activity for a bit. I think billing period ends today. But I am doing this at work anyway, so that's okay.

Which leads me to my next whinge. Man, it has been busy. I did expect to come back to a heck of a lot of work. That goes without saying. What I didn't expect was for the accountant to update our accounting software, but use his data stick instead of my back up. Which means all those extra hours I put in before I left to make sure I had everything up to date and current were for naught. I discovered I had to start from mid January.

That meant re-doing the bank reconciliations and everything. Well, that's not entirely true. I do them first in a cashbook in pencil, then enter that into the computer. Much easier to follow and the boss can look up the book for a transaction at any time.

What I did have to do was reenter a lot of customer invoices, a lot of supplier invoices, and some general journal entries, then do the bank rec again. I have done one company (the biggest). I will tackle the others later. I still now have to do everything for February. By then it will be time to get March happening. Man, I am exhausted just thinking about it!

I was hoping to be caught up by the Easter weekend, but sadly, I am not going to make it. However, I have made a lot of headway.

I also, in my absence, inherit the role of league secretary at bowling on Wednesday evenings. Just what I need at this time! Well, it's not a lot of work, just fiddly stuff I have to remember to do each week.

Well, work beckons so I had better go do some. Have a great Easter everyone!


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