Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Celebrate or Lament?

So, I went to the doctor yesterday for my 3 month check up. I entered the surgery knowing full well I hadn't lost anything since my last visit, waiting for the scales to acknowledge my shame...

Well, actually, I had lost a whole KG! Wow. The doctor wasn't upset (as I thought he would be) and made the comment that he was happy I wasn't putting weight on, and had in fact lost a kg. Hey, I'll take that KG thanks. According to his scales I am 90.8kg. Mine say 89kg, so I think I like them better! Whatever the case, at least it is a loss.

However, he was concerned because I had presented with almost constant reflux, which he said meant the band was too tight, and why didn't I go see him earlier? See, I just figured my hernia had returned! Anyway, he loosened the band a fraction and I have to go for a barium meal x-ray on Friday morning (oh joy), and back to see him on Tuesday next week to figure our next course of action. Hopefully I don't need further surgery to correct any problems.

Otherwise, it is back to the grindstone, started walking again yesterday but the weather is changeable this week so I may not be able to do much. We walk really fast when Walking Buddy and I go out, and after about 5 weeks of not walking (well, we did walk lots in New Zealand, so 2 weeks I guess...) I felt every one of those steps. The old hip joints didn't like the workout, and nor did the leg muscles. Geez, I hate being 40!


Anonymous said...

I am proud of you for all the weight you have lost. Being 40 is ok it's the new 30.

Miss LJ said...

At least it was a kilo mate!! And good thing the Doc didn't give you any grief. Your X-ray sounds interesting?? I haven't heard of one of them, but an assuming you have to ingest something that will highlight your stomach and stuff. Hopefully it all went OK this morning.

I haven't done any exercise for weeks!! Witht he hot weather, and moving and working its just been to hard to fit everything in. And I miss walking with my friend - we have both been really busy, hopefully back onto it next weekend!

Take care, and don't worry - you'll get back into the swing of fast walking again!!