Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Last but not least...

So we made it home, as you guessed. What did we come home to? A heat wave. Just what every Australian needs - a good old-fashioned heat wave. We missed the first few days of it, but now it has surpassed previous records and looks like going on for another week. Usually we get a few hot days then it cools down a bit. But not this time. Seems we are going to be in the high thirties until this time next week.

The last few days of our holiday were spent holed up in the cabin cause it was cold and wet outside. Aaah, but those ten degree mornings, they were the days! I have to laugh though, because most Adelaidians will be pining for the sun in a few weeks. Fickle beings we are.

I weighed myself when I got home. We had been eating smaller meals, not totally good food, but smaller meals, walking heaps (including that awful hill up to our cabin) and my clothes fitted much better so I couldn't wait to jump on those scales.

The verdict? Exactly the same....sigh. I have a dr appointment on the 25th. Time for another rap over the knuckles...can't win.


SOL's view said...

Nope, seems you can never win. But you did look lovely! I think the pic on this post is my favourite.

Anonymous said...

i loved the wally

Miss LJ said...

At leasd you didn't gain though.... And you did get married and look absolutley beautiful!!!!

I've piled on 10kg since I stopped smoking - really starting to struggle with it now, but at least I'm still not smoking, and thats an achievement in itself.

Can't wait for this bloody heatwave to stop... getting so so sick of it!!!! Just hope that it all goes away by the time we have to move next weekend!!!!!