Thursday, 19 June 2008

Quick update

So it seems the neck is on the mend. I wrote her a note to take to the teacher, excusing her from physical activity for the rest of the week. It causes discomfort when she leans on her arm on her desk, or when she moves too quickly. But otherwise, it looks okay.

I had physio myself last night to loosen up my neck and shoulder muscles. Took her a whole hour, and then I have to go back because she had only done half the job. Don't feel too bad for it this morning though. She has given me some exercises but it is nice to have movement back again in the shoulders.

We had a great day Tuesday for the teacher's strike. We worked until about 1.00. I got Jr Her to help with a few things, but mostly she played on the Internet. Then, the boss told us to just go home and do what we wanted (because I had mentioned that the zoo had half price tickets, and he thought we might like to go there instead). But Jr Her wanted to go to Officeworks (she, like myself and Miss LJ, is a stationary junkie!) She scored a few little bits and pieces and was happy.

Before Officeworks we went to KFC for lunch, and shared a breast pieces lunch box, but I bit a chunk out of my tongue, so that was quite sore for a few days.

After Office works we took back a video then went to the Ascot Park library, to look for a book on Aboriginal languages for the boss. I walked out with 7 books and 2 DVDs. One book was on languages, but the rest were reading for me. The movies were Jr Her's.

We were home by about 3.00 and just dagged about for the rest of the day. It's nice to kick back now and then isn't it?

I next get to kick back on Friday as the boss is working from his beach house. However, there is so much work still to do I am not sure I will be able to slow down. Still, working makes the day go faster, yes?

Well, speaking of which, it's time to leave. Have a great day everyone!

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