Saturday, 7 June 2008

Spoke too soon

Or so it would appear. Seems the little bloke is not good after all. Today, there it was again. This time more red than anything.

And tonight, he even had a runny poo for the first time I can remember. I wonder if the new food didn't agree with him, although of them was to promote healthy urinary tract. I don't know.

Anyway, he has an appointment at the vet on Tuesday evening, so hopefully he will sort him out. I understand he may need to stay overnight so they can get a sample from him too. Money, money, money. But hey, it's what you do, right?

The funny thing is, he is more playful this week than he has been for a long time. Even tonight, he went for a red pee, a runny poo, then took off down the hall looking for a game. Silly fellow.

Guess we'll see. Hopefully now that I am reassured that they don't resort to surgery often now I won't be as stressed as I would have been. I believe it's mainly diet change now. Fingers crossed anyway, cause tonight we are child free...don't need stress tonight.

Jr Her has gone for a sleepover tonight, gets home after lunch tomorrow then at two goes to the footy with friends. Wow, won't know myself....

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Miss LJ said...

Poor Walter. I can sympathise with the peeing issues. My vet put Chilli on the Hills Prescription diet which you can only buy from the vet. its bolldy expensive, but does the trick. He hasn't had a problem for months now. Apparently food high in salt can cause the infections.

Hopefully the vet will be able to sort him out, and if you have no joy with that vet, then go to another. It took my 3 vets before I found one that actually understood about cat urinary infections.

hope that you have a nice long weekend, and peace and quiet at work too by the sounds of it!!!