Monday, 16 June 2008

Monday morning wake up call

So at 5.45 this morning I hear "Mu-u-umm?". Hate that sound. Should never have been invented. Scowling, thinking it was a case of "I can't sleep" I grumbled into Jr Her's bedroom.

"I hurt my neck and now I can't move"...."What!?". "I moved my neck one way, it went click and now I can't move it. It hurts." Oh dear. Seems that someone has done herself a neck injury. Luckily, she can still move everything else, just not her neck. I tried to get her to sit up but it caused enough agony for her to go from whimpering to outright screaming.

I went back in and work up Him. He came in and we tried to coax her into a few different positions but it only didn't hurt so much with both her hands under her neck. Anyway, Him climbed up on the bunk and managed to support her while we slipped the tri-pillow behind her neck. Then, with his help she was able to sit up and keep the pillow supporting her neck, then wiggle her way to the edge of the bunk. Then it was just a matter of sliding down the steps.

We got her laying on the couch in the lounge, and I gave her a painkiller and a banana. She was comfortable, and eventually tried sitting up. That was okay, so then she moved around a little.

By 8.00, when I could phone the physio, Him had taken the car into the car dealer to get the blue tooth fitted, but no one answered at the physio. Jr Her and I got dressed and went there but the car park was desserted. Just our luck we thought. But the door opened when we tried.... Apparently she had just gotten in. By this time Jr Her has a lot more movement.

Apparently, she had locked the joint. It had started to free itself so the physio just helped it along. Eventually, one heat pillow and several dollars later, I dropped her off with her father at the car yard and went to work.

When I just phoned now she was feeling much better, and had eaten lunch and taking a nap on the couch. Unusual for her to sleep through the day. But she is almost out of pain, just feeling sorry for herself.

Tomorrow should be interesting too. The teachers in SA are on strike. Turns out that Out Of School Hours Care is not running cause other people have found alternative arrangements. Where does that leave me? With a child at work with me. Luckily I have a great boss who is happy for her to come in for a few hours, then he has give us a couple of tasks - a trip to Officworks and the library for research. Should be good for her, and a chance for me to do work stuff on work time, not mine.

Keep you posted...


Anonymous said...

glad sam neck is ok now

Miss LJ said...

Glad to hear that the neck sorted itself out...with a bit of help. Would have been a bit scary for Jnr her.

Lucky for you that you have a good boss...lots of bosses wouldn't be as nice as that allowing you to bring your kid to work.

Enjoy your excursions today...I LOVE office works...such a stationary junkie!

Glad to hear that Wally is doing OK too (prev post). Stressful when your animals are not well.

AND.... SATC Charlotte has the baby, Carrie gets married, but the first time they try it Big stands her up at the alter, and then 6 months later she forgives him and they have a registry wedding...

A few spoilers for you!