Friday, 6 June 2008

Updating...well, life I guess...

So it's not that I have anything to say, just that it's been awhile since my last blog.

Walter P Catt is definitely on the mend. He has had all his antibiotics, and doesn't seem to have any problems anymore (horrible little shit for worrying me like that). Hopefully he will settle down now and stick to this diet we have him on. I went out during the week and bought him a bag of Healthy Weight Management flavoured food (Purina 1, his favourite) and a bag of Gum Health and Promotes Urinary Health something or other, in a flavour which escapes me. Hopefully the little bloke will respond by losing a little weight and cleaning up the plaque on his teeth. If he would eat the meat chunks I give him that wouldn't be a problem.

Feeling a little off today. After managing to avoid them for some time, it would appear I have finally picked up Jr Her's cold. Not bad, though. Just a stuffy nose (not even blocked properly) and an icky throat. Hopefully it won't get any worse. Just feel off, know what I mean? At least it's a long weekend and I can relax an extra day. I have a Tupperware party Saturday afternoon, and that's about it.

We are picking up half a cow this weekend. It is expensive to outlay, but works out to be about $5 per kg, and it comes already packaged however you want it. In our case, we get it packaged for two people (Jr Her and I share a steak or piece of meat). Works well, We also buy ten chickens, which he chops up and prepares for us too. Excellent. And it's good meat.

Well, better get on with trying to do some work. Always work to do. And it's end of month. More work to do...Boss is in Sydney this week and China next week, so it's quiet here. Lots to do but the pressure is off.

Maybe a sleep would be good about now...zzzzz Just kidding!

Have a great long weekend.xx

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