Friday, 28 November 2008


Well, we have bought, but not yet paid for, new computer equipment in our house. Him was lucky enough to find a refurbished lap top for $100. It's been reprogrammed and is a great little machine. Runs Windows.

I, on the other hand, bought a brand new IMac. I use Mac at work, and find it a heck of a lot easier with less hassles. Most of the time. I had to bring it to work for our geek to load the software on, and for a change he actually turned up on the day.

I took it home that night, and found Office wouldn't work on it. I also found Messenger won't work. I brought it back and got Office fixed but it still won't work Messenger, although it did just fine here at the office... which makes me think it may be out broadband.

We also updated to wireless broadband. Also not yet paid for. See, I am salary sacrificing to buy the IMac and wireless router from work. Boss asked Him to run an errand and was quite happy to pay him with the router (worth $199) for his trouble. Him, silly fellow, wouldn't hear of it. He quite rightly believes in not taking advantage of people. He thought the offer too generous and would feel bad taking it.

Anyway, I had been assured the router was safer than the broadband we had been using from an access point of view. So we didn't worry about it, for a whole week, until I noticed our usage was already up to 50% for the billing period (we are only 8 days into it!). I panicked!

I asked the geek what we can do, and he said he would talk me through it. So last night when I got home I went to have a look. It was horribly technical, and although there were notes explaining what to do on the web page, it was a little difficult to understand. So I phoned the geek. He was just on his way out to dinner with the kids, and could I call him later. Groan. Anyway, Him and I sat and read through the various pages on notes, and found what we were looking for. And hey presto! It worked. We now have a secure Internet site. We just can't use the Internet for the next 3 weeks or we will go over our usage! AAAHHH. I guess the people who live near by who have wireless connections (Him's computer did even tell us there are two...) have been having a field day with our network. Never mind. It's all fixed now.

And all I have to do now is pay for it all... yippee....


Miss LJ said...

Thats crap about the wireless broadband usage. Computer geek should have told you that. My dad told me about it, and its the only way I knew to put a password on it.

Good to hear you have new machines... nothing like something new to play around with!!

Have fun.


SOL's view said...

yeah, they tell me wireless is much less secure than normal broadband where you use that cable stuff. my new printer is wireless, so i'm just waiting to get someone else's printing... =)