Sunday, 23 November 2008

So What Do You Do When You're Home Alone?

Well, not entirely alone. Yesterday Jr Her got to go for a sleepover. I am always willing to let her go for a sleepover. Yesterday, she was supposed to find her USB stick before she went, though, so she could give it back to her dad in exchange for another.

Anyway, she couldn't find it, they got into a fight, and so when she went, her father and I were knee deep in her room cleaning out under her desk. It was horrible! I found the USB though, and did the swap.

We finished there, then sat around watching car crash videos on the web. As you do. I was really tired and quite pissed that we had spent the time doing that when I really didn't want to. So when Him wanted to know what we were doing for dinner, I said I didn't really care, we could pick up take away.

We actually ended up going to the Tonsley Hotel. It was surprisingly good! For less than $60 we had meals, drinks and lost $5 on the pokies (last of the big spenders, us!). They had a jazz band playing too.

Then this morning, we have stripped and remade the bed, done 3 loads of laundry, Him has vacuumed the entire house and under Jr her's desk where we cleanded yesterday, and I have mopped the floors. Anyway, to sum it up, we cleaned the house. Just finished before Jr Her got home.

Now, we got to go grocery shopping. Yippee....

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