Friday, 21 November 2008


Well, sort of anyway. I had my 3-month weigh in today. Last time I had put on 2 kg. This time I have taken them off. After 2 years we have finally found the right level of inflation for my band, so everything should go smooth now.

I do need to be careful though, and try to up my exercise so I can shed this last ten kg. That will be enough, just ten kg. But, well, it just doesn't seem to want to go anywhere...

Also, we bought a new IMac for home this week. I am salary sacrificing to get it. I had to wait several days for the IT geek to come set it up, but he has and it now lives here on the desk. Until Monday. Apparently Office didn't load properly and it doesn't work. So he is going to look at that Monday... sure... Also, work had bought a router for our new starter in Sydney but it wouldn't work on his connection, so we are buying that as well.

Tonight, we set up a wireless router. Well, what a comedy of errors that turned out to be. We had it up and running, then Him moved something and it just wouldn't work. I sat on the phone with some Indian fellow, who I couldn't hear properly, trying everything to get it to work. Finally, he decided I had been using the wrong password. I was adamant it wouldn't work, but lo, it did. Next thing Him got the giggles and wouldn't quit. Even after I punched him in the arm! He still gets the giggles when he thinks about it. Rotten sod! Did I mention I don't like him tonight and may withhold priviledges for awhile? (to which he says "what's new?"

Anyway, the long and short of it is we now have an IMac on the desk, and hardly any cables! And Him has wireless broadband on his laptop. Of course, that only means he can use it anywhere around the house, but it is still great not to have cables running everywhere.

So, after I take the machine to work Monday for the Geek to fix, I can probably expect to not have it back for about a week... Lets see how accurate I am.

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SOL's view said...

and were you accurate??? at all? i don't think so.... =)